Wood Ridge Luxury Chalets

Weng 7
5453 Werfenweng
  • UZ-License944
  • catering on site

Our Canadian blockhouses are energy efficient, CO2 neutral from pure solid wood and offer a cozy living atmosphere with natural wood odor. The wooden fences are untreated and the native plant diversity is reflected in our gardens.

Wood Ridge is a year-round business and these are our environmentally friendly measures:
• We support agriculture by purchasing regional products from the farm shop.
• For our breakfast products we use reusable glass containers and recyclable packaging.
• The central heating is powered by the renewable raw material wood.
• Daily laundry cleaning is waived
• the garbage is carefully separated
• We save water through flow restrictors
• Our hotel cosmetics are 100% biodegradable
• We use eco-friendly cleaning products
• Our luggage transportation with the electric vehicle will not cause any noise pollution in Wood Ridge Village

Sustainable tourism also means social responsibility, preservation and creation of year-round employment opportunities for locals. We offer our employees, all of whom are mothers, a family-friendly workplace, as they can arrange their own working hours and working days!