Mann mit Putzmitteln beim Reinigen

Household & Cleaning

Environmentally friendly products in the household are for the most part detergents. Ecological cleaners are biodegradable, have a high cleaning performance and less packaging material. Reusable instead of disposable packaging, which consume raw materials, increase the waste mountain and thereby burden the environment. That's why the Austrian Ecolabel promotes returnable packaging and reusable systems as an environmentally friendly alternative.


Consumer Test E-Bikes

Together with Stiftung Warentest, the VKI has tested pedelecs designed for comfort with a low entry. The twelve e-bikes in the test, with prices ranging from 2300 to 3500 euros, are not exactly cheap. Despite this, frame cracks appeared in the endurance test and the testers found harmful substances and problems with fire safety. However, four e-bikes received a good overall mark, one model from KTM was the clear test winner.

Copyright by Monika Kupka/Umweltberatung.

Ecological cleaning with moderation and purpose

Whether at home or at work: cleanliness is an important factor in feeling good all around. To ensure that cleanliness does not come at the expense of the environment, the choice of ecological cleaning agents and the correct dosage are crucial.

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Disposable tableware: Harmful substances also in alternatives to plastic

A recent survey by consumer organizations from Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the VKI in Austria shows that alternatives to plastic tableware are not as harmless or even environmentally friendly as they are often portrayed: Of the 26 products available in Austria, 21 were contaminated with harmful substances.

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