Zimmer mit Holzmöbeln

Building & Living

Fabulous living - wooden furniture, which are awarded the Austrian Ecolabel, guarantee the lowest possible indoor air pollution, which creates an important condition for health and well-being in our living spaces. Especially for products that come into direct contact with the skin, it is important that they are health-friendly.

Facade in the state of construction. Copyright by BMLRT, Alexander Haiden.

New Austrian Ecolabel Guideline for Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)

Thermal insulation of buildings saves fossil fuels and, by reducing CO2 emissions, helps to prevent the earth from overheating. Exterior walls are therefore provided with insulating materials and covered with weather protection (plaster or similar). The two combined make up: a composite thermal insulation system.

A kitchen made of wood. Copyright by Tischlerei+Wallinger

Green conscience: Furniture made of wood

Wooden furniture has a unique look and contributes to the comfort of interiors. However, the use of wood from sustainable forest management is also an important contribution to the protection of our environment. The Austrian Ecolabel also guarantees that other comprehensive criteria are observed in the production, use and disposal of the furniture.

Roboterfertigung eines Sonnenkollektors. Copyright by GREENoneTEC.

The sun does not charge!

And it shines every day. The Austrian company GREENoneTEC supplies the best technology for converting the sun's rays into energy. The world market leader in the field of thermal flat-plate collectors is also the only Austrian collector manufacturer to bear the Austrian Ecolabel. And exports from Carinthia all over the world. Read more about an Austrian success story here.

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