Aug. Rath jun. GmbH

Hafnerstraße 3
3375 Krummnußbaum
Lower Austria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1158

The Rath Group is an international company that is one of the most recognized refractory technology specialists with a comprehensive range of refractory products. Today, the company operates worldwide, but that was not always the case: starting from the takeover of a porcelain factory in Krummnußbaum in 1891, a family business developed into an international company. In the mid-fifties of the 19th century, ceramic household products were still produced in Krummnußbaum, where a production site of the company is still located in Austria, since Rath started with the production of tiles and fireclay bricks. In the 1970s, the focus shifted more and more to industrial products and with increasing internationalization of the company, a group with now 7 production sites and more than 500 employees in Europe and the United States and sales representatives in another 30 countries worldwide developed. Rath not only offers its customers a comprehensive product range, which ranges from refractory bricks for application temperatures up to 1,800 °C over masses to vacuum-formed products, but also application-specific total solutions for their temperature and corrosion problems .Particularly in the field of manufacturing refractory products, it is necessary to understand the different high-temperature applications of customers in order to optimize their furnace systems or processes. Rath optimally implements these requirements. Thus, not only the stoves of the steel, aluminium, glass and wood industries are lined with Rath products, every third basic kiln in Austria owes its inner workings (fireclay bricks) to the Rath Company. With the landing of "Curiosity" on Mars, the materials are now also used interplanetary. The company is also the only one in Europe that produces its own five product groups. This is what distinguishes Rath: Tradition paired with innovation and know-how for the further development of products and technical solutions in furnace construction: "Top technology creates trust".

tiled stove

Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 1,6 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 1,75 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 2,4 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 2,5 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 3,0 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 3,5 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 3,9 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 4,0 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 4,5 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 5,0 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 5,5 kW
Brennraum Biofeuerraum Plus 6,0 kW
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