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Sustainable Finance

Your money can do more than you think! In the financial sector, the Austrian Ecolabel certifies ethically oriented projects and companies that generate profits through sustainable investments. Green funds and sustainable financial products add value to you and to the environment.

Engagement - How can investors encourage companies to be more sustainable?

In order to demonstrate the possibilities of collaborative engagement, a webinar was held on 24 April 2023 as part of the series "Green Money for Green Investments", which was organised by ÖGUT on behalf of the Ministry of Climate Protection and in cooperation with the Austrian Ecolabel team at VKI.

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Ecolabel UZ 49 - Requirements for Green Loans

This year the Ecolabel Guideline for Financial Products will be revised. Currently, it is planned to include green loans as a new product group in the directive and thus make them certifiable.

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Global investments to decarbonise the economy

The French "Mandarine Gestion" is an independent and entrepreneurial French capital management company founded in 2008 and specialised in equity investments.

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