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Sustainable Finance

Your money can do more than you think! In the financial sector, the Austrian Ecolabel certifies ethically oriented projects and companies that generate profits through sustainable investments. Green funds and sustainable financial products add value to you and to the environment.

Raphael Fink, Ecolabel financial expert. Copyright by VKI.

VKI gives tips on choosing sustainable financial products

The VKI is not only responsible for the content and administration of the Austrian Ecolabel. It is also consistently committed to the education and protection of consumers. For this purpose, our Ecolabel experts are frequently asked for interviews by the Association for Consumer Information (VKI).

Coins with plants. Copyright by money-ga.

Green money for green investments

Cordial invitation to the online event on "Green loans and their importance for banks and companies" on Monday, 04 April 2022 from 13.00 - 14.30.

Increasing number of sustainable financial products UZ49.

200th financial product with Austrian Ecolabel

While it took fourteen years for the first hundred certified funds, the time had now come again after less than three years: the two hundredth financial product was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel. A brief analysis.

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