Grünes Sparschwein

Sustainable Finance

Your money can do more than you think! In the financial sector, the Austrian Ecolabel certifies ethically oriented projects and companies that generate profits through sustainable investments. Green funds and sustainable financial products add value to you and to the environment.

Raiffeisenbank Günskirchen

The first banking account with an Austrian Ecolabel

The savings and giro products of the Environmental Centre of Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel. This means that, for the first time, current and savings accounts and savingsbooks are now also certified with the Ecolabel.


Present developments at national and European level

At European level, efforts are being made to harmonise concepts and classification systems and to strengthen the area of sustainable finance.

Green Investment

High demand: sustainable investment certificates

The Austrian National Bank recently (May 2020) published an article. Based on its individual securities deposit statistics and information from certification and information centres in Austria and abroad, the article describes the volume of labelled sustainable investment funds for the years 2018 and 2019.

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