IQAM Invest GmbH

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5020 Salzburg
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IQAM Invest is an independent fund manufacturer with more than 30 years’ market experience. IQAM Invest and its team of more than 60 experts in Salzburg, Vienna and Frankfurt offer professional investors high-quality investment funds and individual, tailored investment solutions. As early as in 2005 we started to use a „Responsible Engagement Overlay“ in our mutual equity funds. Thus we have been engaging for sustainability and ESG topics in the companies our funds are invested in, while at the same time acting as a responsible owner by using proxy voting. Since 2016 we have been integrating further sustainability aspects into our mutual funds range, which, among others, offers products that were awarded with the Austrian Ecolabel. Our customers and their goals are at the heart of our business. We think and act in a risk-controlled way so that our customers can achieve their investment goals with the highest possible security. Our asset management is based on scientifically sound insights that have been tried and tested. We systematically select and apply the yield factors in a risk-controlled way and in accordance with the defined rules of the IQAM method. The IQAM method is based on transparent, fundamental, economic contexts, facts and figures. We do not claim to predict any short-term movements of the market. Our strategies are geared to the medium- to long-term investment horizons of our customers. We make no secret of what we do and how we do it, and we actively communicate all this to our customers. This makes our entire investment process clear and transparent.

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ISIN: AT0000857719 (RA), AT0000817978 (RT), AT0000A0NVA9 (AT)

IQAM SRI SparTrust M

ISIN: AT0000857743 (RA), AT0000817960 (RT), AT0000A0NVC5 (AT), AT0000A0XJH8 (AA), AT0000A23LQ0 (XA)