The Austrian Eco-label for Schools and Teacher Training Colleges (UZ 301)

The Austrian Eco-label encourages 

  • Protection of environment & climate 
  • Health care 
  • Quality of education 
  • Education for Sustainable Development
Climate ambassadors at TNMS Lembach. Copyright by TNMS Lembach.

Ecolabel students taking actions for climate protection

Pupils at the Ecolabel secondary schools in Lembach and Purbach are committed to regional and international climate protection.

The Living Ecolabel with the lettering added. Copyright by HLBLA St.Florian.

Living Ecolabel at the HLBLA St. Florian

The Höhere Landwirtschaftliche Bundeslehranstalt St. Florian has been an Ecolabel holder since 2006 and has thus long ago committed itself to environmentally compatible and sustainable action in a wide variety of areas.

Students at work. Copyright by

Rethinking cocoa production

Students of the Ecolabel school in Vienna 22 pioneered a new concept of sustainable and fair production and consumption of cocoa and chocolate. The school project, implemented together with Oikocredit Austria, contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Four schoolgirls report.

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