Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Bruck

Bahnhofstraße 5
5671 Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße
Salzburg, Austria
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  • fair trade products available / fair trade partner
  • gourmet region partner
  • organic label
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  • communal catering
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  • distance to bus500 m
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Our contributions to the environment, health and quality of education in the context of the eco-label:

We use many topics directly in the classroom, which  related to the eco-label.

Sustainability is very important to us and we teach this to our students.

We are responsible for our actions (people, the environment, nature).

Our agricultural college is the basis for social and technical competence and the center for agricultural education and training in the region.

We work a lot in nature: beekeeping, building up and caring for plants right up to harvest ...


We carry the eco-label because ...

The environment is important to us and so we can only do good by taking care of our fellow human beings, nature and the environment. The implementation of the criteria of the eco-label is a good idea so that we become aware to experience, use and look at the environment with care.


With the environmental label, we have consciously set an example for comprehensive and sustainable thinking and action. For years, the principle of sustainable management has not only been applied to teaching at the technical college in Bruck, but also to practically implementing it whenever possible. This includes the areas of sustainable energy use, the use of environmentally friendly building materials, the biological management of the teaching company and the use of organic food in the catering of the students (organic content in meals around 46%). The eco-label should be a stimulus again, especially in waste avoidance and waste management, in the economical use of energy and also in the use of poorly environmentally friendly chemical substances in cleaning.

In the course of developing the waste management concept, a new waste separation system was developed and introduced at LFS Bruck together with the students. Since our school location has been partially refurbished or rebuilt in recent years, air quality measurements and light intensity measurements in the classrooms and boarding rooms in the new and old part of the building were carried out by students in class and in their free time, and corrected in cooperation with the teachers Ventilation behavior and the careful use of energy are worked out.

The LFS Bruck participated in the Interreg project Sapori Alpini. The EU project partners South Tyrol - Belluno - East Tyrol and Pinzgau developed concepts for the development of regional specialties and their marketing in the region.

Our “FarmLife” project is unique in all of Austria. We are the only school that does this, with a focus on sustainability assessment, integration into the curriculum and introduction to the interdisciplinary teaching model. The following overview gives an insight into the topics:

Development of the educational concept to

  • Sustainability and eco-efficiency
  • In what way can the Implementation in the classroom be practiced?
  • Areas of Effect