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What benefits do I have from Ecolabel certification?

Many private and public customers deliberately give preference to Ecolabel products. Show your commitment to the environment with a clear and serious label!

What does the Ecolabel provide for companies?

Federal, state and local authorities increasingly prefer eco-labelled products in public procurement. In addition to consumers, you as an Ecolabel company can count companies certified with EMAS or other environmental awards among your clientele.

Who can acquire the Austrian Ecolabel?

The Austrian Ecolabel is awarded to products or services, tourism and catering businesses as well as schools and non-school educational institutions. In the tourism and education sectors, the entire company is certified.

Reliability and control

In order to prove that operations, products or services meet the requirements of the Ecolabel Guidelines, interested companies must provide an expert opinion from a qualified independent inspection agency.

How is an Ecolabel Directive developed?

An Ecolabel guideline is proposed by the "Advisory Council for the Ecolabel", an advisory panel of the Minister of the Environment. It is drawn up by an expert committee chaired by the Association for Consumer Information (VKI).