Schubert Kino


Sustainable cinemas with the Austrian Ecolabel are focussing on sustainability, ecology, conscious use of resources and socio-political responsibility in their daily mangement as well as in the planning of their exhibitions.

Auditorium 1 in the Schubert Kino Graz. Copyright by Christian Jungwirth.

Sustainable cinemas in Austria

The cultural sector is an important partner in climate protection and can benefit from common national environmental standards. Therefore, there is now also a separate Ecolabel guideline for cinema operations and already the first two licensees.

Salzburger Landestheater Bühne von hinten

In focus: Guidelines in concrete terms - cultural institutions

Originally conceived as a certification for hotels, the UZ 200 guideline has also opened up to culture in recent years. After museums, other actors are also interested in credibly demonstrating their efforts in the field of sustainability. Theatres and cinemas are particularly committed to this and so in the future it will also be possible for them to receive an award for their sustainable orientation.