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The Ecolabel criteria for "footwear" range from raw materials (no toxic dyes, high resistance) that are proven to be environmentally friendly, through manufacturing to final manufacturing. Likewise, social criteria are demanded in the production. The criteria for "textiles" pay attention to ease of care and skin-friendly properties during manufacture. This is why yarns and fabrics from sustainable production are in full swing!

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Textil Dialog 2022: Second hand is not second class!

With about 70 players from the textile retail and production sector, interest groups, second-hand clothing platforms and re-use initiatives, the topic "Closing the loop - supporting the circular economy in quick steps" was discussed in an online event on 10 June. was dealt with.


Circular Economy. Copyright by EU Commission.

The textile industry on the way to a sustainable and circular future!

How can the sustainable and circular transformation in the textile and apparel industry succeed?

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