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Shoes & Textiles

The Ecolabel criteria for "footwear" range from raw materials (no toxic dyes, high resistance) that are proven to be environmentally friendly, through manufacturing to final manufacturing. Likewise, social criteria are demanded in the production. The criteria for "textiles" pay attention to ease of care and skin-friendly properties during manufacture. This is why yarns and fabrics from sustainable production are in full swing!

Mit Umweltzeichen ausgezeichneter Schuh

Where do our shoes come from?

49 million pairs of shoes are bought in Austria every year. During the production process very often exploitation of labour, health hazards and environmental pollution are negative effects.

Kleinkind spielt mit Sandalen

Children's shoes: healthy and sustainable

Shoes for the youngest children should be healthy and free of harmful substances. Tests by consumer associations show that this is not always the case.

Sustainability Challenge

fashion and textile industry: sustainability in focus!

COVID 19 has pushed the global fast fashion industry into a deep crisis and triggered a domino effect worldwide: Shops and shopping centres were closed, orders were cancelled, trade employees were dismissed. Since there are hardly any social safety nets for textile workers in Bangladesh, Combodia or India, longer periods of unemployment mean poverty, hunger and disease.

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