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Owning one's own piece of nature in the garden or on the balcony is a dream of many. Those who have already fulfilled this dream, are sustainable protection of their green, the renunciation of toxic ingredients and soil-improving effect important features of eco-label products for your natural garden. With these offers, you do not need to look for a long time the list of ingredients or ask - there is really only nature in it.


Sprouting plant in the bed (Alexander Haiden)

Early start in the vegetable patch

Fancy fresh peppers and tomatoes from the garden or balcony? What to do to enjoy these delicacies from our own cultivation? If we want to enjoy these delicacies from our own cultivation, we have to be patient a little longer. But now we lay the foundation for the harvest in early spring by producing some vegetables in the house.

Ready sieved compost

Black gold: composting correctly

Before the beds can be planted in spring, the waste collection point from last year must first be moved and the windrow from the year before last can finally be sieved to obtain fresh compost - the black gold of the garden.

Natural beauty in the garden: environmentally friendly garden furniture

Spring is coming! And with it comes the time when we particularly enjoy being outside again. The green garden oasis can be embellished with attractive garden furniture that invites you to linger. If you want to think about the environment as well as your own comfort, make a conscious decision in favour of sustainable garden furniture that ensures an environmentally friendly outdoor feel-good experience. So how can the outdoor area be furnished sustainably?

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