Volksschule Ebersdorf

Ebersdorf 124
8273 Ebersdorf
Styria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseS 200

VS Ebersdorf-Together we are strong Our very family-run country school is embedded in the eco-region of Eastern Styria. Ecological action is the order of the day for us. We cooperate with all educational institutions and those responsible in the ecoregion. "You can't go through a day without impacting your environment. Whatever you do, it makes a difference. You decide every day what a difference that makes." These apt words come from Jane Goodall and are the driving force behind our actions and actions. Every person is unique and carries a great treasure within themselves, their strengths and abilities. It is important to find these out and use them for the big picture. Whether it's about strengthening the class climate or protecting the environment. We have to stick together to initiate changes together. The educators accompany children in their development into responsible and self-determined people. Mutual appreciation and respect for people and the environment form the basis of our school life. The basis is the paticipative process of strengthening the sense of community.