Evangelische Volksschule Wien Währing - Lutherschule

Schumanngasse 17
1180 Wien
Vienna, Austria
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  • UZ-LicenseS 141

The Lutherschule is a private Protestant primary school in the 18th district. Due to the "size" of the school (four regular classes and two mixed-age classes) we are able to provide a familiar school environment and great importance is attached to encouraging a positive cooperation between the pupils, the parents and the school staff.

Under the 'Austrian Ecolabel' program we undertake various engagement projects such as:

• Garbage collection, waste reduction and in-school and at home recycling programs, as well as upcycling initiatives

• Field trips to Wien Energie and city incineration plants

• Children's parliament

• Healthy eating initiatives and daily exercise - with the support of our school doctor

• Walking and bicycle workshops

• Road safety workshops

• Energy saving and the correct usage of mobile phones and batteries

• And much more... The latest project we undertook was choosing an 'environmental mascot'.

Here, all pupils were given the opportunity to design their own mascot, upon which the teachers decided on the 10 best designs. Afterwards, the children had a chance to have their say on their favourite designs.

At the beginning of 2022, a Lutherschule election will take place, using our own Lutherschule 'voting ballots', in which an official ballot will take place to decide the winning design, which will then be sewn. We at the Lutherschule, including the daycare center and the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School, attach great significance to positive cooperation, appreciation and respect.

All of our classes work and learn in a project and action orientated fashion, with particular dedication to topics that are located in the field of environment and environmental sustainability, animal welfare, waste seperation and recycling, nutrition and health, exercise and sport, social affairs, children's parliament, energy saving, correcting handling of PC's and the internet etc.

As a water school, we only drink water and unsweetened tea. We also pay close attention to healthy and homemade foods during festivals and celebrations . Our daily school lunch consists mainly of organic, seasonal and regional products, and we deliberately refrain from meat several times a week. Through our actions, we attempt to raise awareness, set positive examples and promote the active participation of our students (and parents), while at the same time promoting important learning skills.