Mandarine Gestion

40 Avenue George V
75008 Paris
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1307

Mandarine Gestion is a French asset management company specialising in equity asset management and asset allocation. Founded in 2008, the company combines the independence of a human‐scale asset management boutique and the support of prominent minority shareholders (Arkéa Investment Services, Financière Dassault and La Banque Postale). Mandarine Gestion’s fund offer targets a diversified clientele (institutional investors, distributors, multi‐management companies) in a growing number of European countries. Mandarine Gestion currently has €3 billion in assets under management and has 35 employees.

Responsible investment
Mandarine Gestion offers a concentrated range of equity funds with clearly defined investment styles enriched by ESG analysis services and customised asset allocation and risk management solutions. Mandarine Gestion is also actively involved in the financing of social and solidarity-based economy projects (SSE).

Mandarine Global Transition

ISIN: LU2257980289 (R), LU2257979190 (F), LU2257979513 (I), LU2257980016 (M)

Mandarine Global Transition is a globally investing equity fund, which aims at capturing and financing the dynamics and growth of companies that actively participate in the ecological and climate transition, thereby leading to a low carbon economy.

Mandarine Social Leaders

ISIN: LU2052475568 (R), LU2052476376 (S), LU2052475303 (F), LU2052475725 (I), LU2052476533 (MG), LU2052476020 (M)

Mandarine Active Fund
Mandarine Active fund offers a new investment approach focusing on societal action as a lead indicator to long term value creation. The fund selects Eurozone equities with an « active » societal profile.  These companies deliver visible and sustainable growth dynamics while actively integrating societal benefit into their business strategy.

Adrien Dumas, Portfoliomanager Mandarine Global Transition und Mandarine ActiveCo-Fund Manager Mandarine Global Transition