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The Steyler Ethik Bank is a provider of fair financial services.It was founded in 1964 by the religious congregation of the Society of the Divine Word - SVD, the largest missionary congregation in the Catholic Chuch. The bank is open to all private customers, regardless of their religious beliefs.
The bank invests according to social and ecological criteria and is the initiator of three sustainable public funds of the brand Steyler Fair Invest. The Steyler Fair Invest funds stand for a consistent and well-founded sustainability approach. Companies that harm the climate, exploit nature or disregard human rights are excluded from our funds.

In 2017, Steyler Ethik Bank was honored as the "Best Sustainable Investor" in the Portfolio Institutional Award. It is the most important award for institutional investors in German-speaking countries.

Since its founding, Germany's oldest ethical bank has been supporting Steyler aid projects in 80 countries with more than 100 million euros.

Steyler Fair Invest - Balanced

ISIN: DE000A111ZH7 (R), DE000A111ZJ3 (I)

Steyler Fair Invest - Bonds

ISIN: DE000A1WY1N9 (R), DE000A1WY1P4 (I)

Steyler Fair Invest - Equities

ISIN: DE000A1JUVL8 (R), DE000A1JUVM6 (I)