Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland und Revisionsverband eGen

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7000 Eisenstadt
Burgenland, Austria
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Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland believes it has a responsibility to promote sustainability in the region and to support sustainability projects of the Raiffeisen Banking Group Burgenland. The "Raiffeisen Sustainability Initiative Burgenland" (RNI-Bgld) was set up for regional implementation with the participation of all Raiffeisen banks, Raiffeisen warehouses and regional cooperation partners. It offers a platform for promoting innovative projects for an ecologically liveable future. It is aimed at private households as well as companies and municipalities in Burgenland. The platform serves to provide information on sustainable topics, in particular to support the expansion of renewable energy in Burgenland and the transition to sustainable forms of energy. To this end, RNI-Bgld coordinates, advises and supports the conception, implementation and communication of sustainability measures/projects and initiatives.

Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland acts as the "engine" of RNI-Bgld and is responsible for

- Advice, planning and support with project ideas and implementation

- Representing the interests of the cooperation partners in relevant matters

- Communication and public relations


The individual Raiffeisen banks actively contributed to supporting the goals of the "Raiffeisen Sustainability Initiative Burgenland" in their region in the best possible way.  The aim of this initiative is to promote the local economy and regionality. The examples listed below are only individual projects of this initiative. RLB Burgenland is also optimizing the energy efficiency of its bank branches in order to save costs and reduce greenhouse gases at the individual bank branches.


The energy cooperatives

In 2022, RNI-Bgld initiated the establishment of 18 regional Burgenland energy cooperatives and a citizens' energy cooperative in order to enable the trading of sustainably produced electricity at fair prices among members in accordance with the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG). Together, clean energy can be produced, stored, consumed, sold and traded. Municipalities, clubs, associations, companies and private households can easily join the energy cooperatives.


The sustainability calculator

With the sustainability calculator, customers and interested parties can calculate their investment costs in "a sustainable future". It is currently possible to use the PV calculator and boiler replacement calculator online and at the Raiffeisenbank. You will receive information on all questions relating to sustainable building equipment, in particular

- Optimal size of the photovoltaic system

- Conversion of fossil heating energy sources to climate-friendly heating appliances, e.g. air heat pumps

- Investment requirements as well as financing and funding options

- Impact of the photovoltaic system and boiler replacement on the ecological footprint

- Savings potential and amortization period

3,75% Grüne und soziale Anleihe der Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland 2023 – 2026/14

ISIN: AT000B128970

Bei den grünen und sozialen Anleihen der Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgen­land und Revisionsverband eGen ist sichergestellt, dass die Emissionserlö­se ausschließlich in bestehende oder zukünftige Finanzierungen fließen, die einen ökologischen oder sozialen Mehrwert aufweisen. Hier kann es sich unter anderem um Finan­zierungen in Zukunftsthemen wie etwa erneuerbare Energie, Energieeffizienz, sauberer Transport, umweltfreundliche Gebäude, Abwassermanagement, Kreislaufwirtschaft handeln. Darüber hinaus können die Emissionserlöse in Finanzierungen, die einen sozialen Mehrwert aufweisen, fließen, wie etwa bezahlbare Infrastruktur, Gesundheitswesen, Schul- und Berufsausbildung oder bezahlbarer Wohnraum.