Convex Experts GmbH

Habsburgergasse 6-8/Top 14
1010 Wien
Vienna, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1270

CONVEX Experts GmbH specializes in convex investment solutions for institutional investors. The company was founded in 2017 in Vienna by Bernhard Birawe, Paul Hoffmann and Nils Lesser and specializes in the active management of various convertible bond strategies. CONVEX Experts offers investors three very different ways to invest in convertible bonds via mutual funds and has thus become the definitive player in the Austrian market. The founders and managing directors have more than 30 years of experience in the asset class. As an asset management company with a clear focus on the needs of institutional investors, respect, transparency and responsibility are at the core of its activities, in addition to innovation and professionalism. The decisive criteria in sustainable investments also reflect the world view of the acting persons of CONVEX Experts. The ART Top 50 Smart ESG Convertibles UI has succeeded in combining responsible investing and performance. The fund enables investors to invest in the top 50 sustainable convertibles worldwide.

ART Top 50 Smart ESG Convertibles UI

ISIN: DE000A2PMXC5 (R), DE000A2JF7B0 (I), DE000A3C5CB2 (CHF)