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Household & Cleaning

Environmentally friendly products in the household are for the most part detergents. Ecological cleaners are biodegradable, have a high cleaning performance and less packaging material. Reusable instead of disposable packaging, which consume raw materials, increase the waste mountain and thereby burden the environment. That's why the Austrian Ecolabel promotes returnable packaging and reusable systems as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Maehrwegsystem mycoffeecup

Reusable systems to achieve a circular economy

In addition to recycling, the European Green Deal focuses on waste prevention and changes in consumer behaviour. Reusable packaging is the most environmentally friendly solution. Here you can find out more about the positive activities with reusable systems in Austria.

KONSUMENT tested window cleaner

Is a purchased window cleaning product better than a homemade household detergent? The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) has put it to the test.

Portrait Susanne Stark

Ecological cleaning works very well - Interview with Susanne Stark, VKI!

Miss Dr. Stark on cleaning agents with the Austrian Ecolabel.


Spring cleaning ecologically compatible!

When the days get longer in spring and nature comes alive in fresh, vibrant colors, we also want to have our apartments and houses to be fresh for the spring.

New 0,5l reusable glass bottle from Vöslauer for on the road

As an option to the millions of disposable plastic bottles, a new 0.5 litre reusable glass bottle is now finally available in stores. Environmental awareness and customer satisfaction are the basis of the latest packaging innovation: the 0.5-liter glass bottle, which has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for its reusable system.

myCoffeeCup Rückgabeautomat CUP SOLUTIONS

Coffee to go in circles- Viennese waltz for coffee cups!

The Austrian Ecolabel pioneer CUP SOLUTIONS has launched the myCoffeeCup pilot project in Vienna, which offers a convenient and quick alternative to environmentally harmful throwing away.

Reinigungsmittel mit Spühflaschenkopf

Save stain removal

The beginnings of ecologisation in the 1980s are inseparably linked to the demand for environmentally friendly cleaning and washing agents. The colourful and foaming rivers and lakes had to disappear, and with them many products with questionable ingredients from the shops.

Curtain up: Harald Brugger

For more than 10 years DI (FH) Harald Brugger MSc, Head of Chemicals & Consumption has been working for Die UMWELTBERATUNG. Numerous detergents and cleaning agents have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel or EU Ecolabel on the basis of his expert opinions. In the following he reports about his experiences.

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