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Household & Cleaning

Environmentally friendly products in the household are for the most part detergents. Ecological cleaners are biodegradable, have a high cleaning performance and less packaging material. Reusable instead of disposable packaging, which consume raw materials, increase the waste mountain and thereby burden the environment. That's why the Austrian Ecolabel promotes returnable packaging and reusable systems as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Company headquarters in Zirl, Tyrol. Copyright by Hollu.

Hollu - ecological cleaning made in Austria

Cleaning companies in Austria focus on environmentally friendly cleaning agents and cleaning products. Outstanding among them is the Tyrolean GmbH hollu, which has been in existence since 1905. At that time, the founder Julius Holluschek laid the foundation stone of the hygiene specialist's production.

Pernauer. Copyright by Pernauer.

Pernauer - Combining resource conservation and cleaning performance

Pernauer produces many of the bigood products sold by a large Austrian drugstore chain. But other household cleaners or detergents are also produced by Pernauer and carry the Austrian Ecolabel.

various cosmetic articles. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

New labelling obligation for fragrances

The EU Commission recently published a regulation that will improve transparency about fragrance allergens in cosmetics.

Desinfection. Copyright by Marion Jaros

Disinfection - when and where is it useful?

Read in the interview with biotechnologist Marion Jaros from the Vienna Environmental Ombudsman's Office what is important for the safe and economical use of disinfectants.

Fragrance oils (Copyright: Umweltzeichen)

Fragrances and aromatic oils for well-being

For many people, fragrances and aromas awaken joy for the Christmas season and are feel-good factors for a contented attitude to life within one's own four walls. However, it should be borne in mind that fragrances can also have negative effects on human health.

Refill Station. Copyright by umdasch.

Refill instead of repurchase

Recycling plastics is good, but preventing waste in the first place is even better. The Liquid Dispenser 3.0 from umdasch has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel and is a technically mature system for refilling liquids that for the first time also enables large retail chains to offer an efficient refilling service for reusable packaging. Thanks to the integrated technology, the Liquid Dispenser allows for easy operation.


Coffee to go in circles- Viennese waltz for coffee cups!

The Austrian Ecolabel pioneer CUP SOLUTIONS has launched the myCoffeeCup pilot project in Vienna, which offers a convenient and quick alternative to environmentally harmful throwing away.

Vöslauer bottle (Vöslauer)

New 0,5l reusable glass bottle from Vöslauer for on the road

As an option to the millions of disposable plastic bottles, a new 0.5 litre reusable glass bottle is now finally available in stores. Environmental awareness and customer satisfaction are the basis of the latest packaging innovation: the 0.5-liter glass bottle, which has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for its reusable system.

Copyright by Umweltzeichen.

Sustainable body care - plastic-free, organic and vegan?

Sustainable cosmetics are not that easy to find or you have to make them yourself in a complicated way. Both are stereotypes that you come across again and again. Podcaster and trainer Elena Beringer has done some research for us.

Soaps (Umweltzeichen)

Hair soaps and solid shampoos – Konsument-Test

Stiftung Warentest tested solid shampoos and hair soaps, including ten products available in Austria. Hair soaps and solid shampoos do not have to shy away from comparison with liquid shampoos. Six out of ten products tested received a good overall rating.

Copyright by Monika Kupka/Umweltberatung.

Ecological cleaning with moderation and purpose

Whether at home or at work: cleanliness is an important factor in feeling good all around. To ensure that cleanliness does not come at the expense of the environment, the choice of ecological cleaning agents and the correct dosage are crucial.

Copyright by Natalya Bond.

Disposable tableware: Harmful substances also in alternatives to plastic

A recent survey by consumer organizations from Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the VKI in Austria shows that alternatives to plastic tableware are not as harmless or even environmentally friendly as they are often portrayed: Of the 26 products available in Austria, 21 were contaminated with harmful substances.


KONSUMENT Drinking bottle test

In cooperation with the Arbeiterkammer Steiermark, the VKI tested eleven returnable drinking bottles. The focus of the drinking bottle test, in which bottles between 400 and 750ml made of plastic, metal and glass were tested, was on practical suitability and freedom from harmful substances.

Copyright: Die Reinigungsfront

EU Ecolabel awarded to Austrian cleaning company for the first time

The Linz-based cleaning service provider "Die Reinigungsfront GmbH" has undergone an extensive certification process by TÜV Nord Austria GmbH and the VKI (Association for Consumer Information) and was the first Austrian cleaning company to be awarded the EU Ecolabel for its "The Green Front" department.

Claro Tabs (Copyright: claro products GmbH)

Ecological dishwasher tabs

Stiftung Warentest has put dishwasher tabs under the spotlight. In the current test, there are many products that contain an ecologically harmful chemical that is used to protect silver cutlery. But there are harmless alternatives.

bigood glass cleaner (VKI)

KONSUMENT tested window cleaner

Is a purchased window cleaning product better than a homemade household detergent? The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) has put it to the test.

Dr. Susanne Stark (Copyright: Baumgarten)

Ecological cleaning works very well - Interview with Susanne Stark, VKI!

Dr. Stark on cleaning agents with the Austrian Ecolabel.

Cleaning agent with spray bottle head (Monika Kupka)

Save stain removal

The beginnings of ecologisation in the 1980s are inseparably linked to the demand for environmentally friendly cleaning and washing agents. The colourful and foaming rivers and lakes had to disappear, and with them many products with questionable ingredients from the shops.

Curtain up: Harald Brugger

For more than 10 years DI (FH) Harald Brugger MSc, Head of Chemicals & Consumption has been working for Die UMWELTBERATUNG. Numerous detergents and cleaning agents have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel or EU Ecolabel on the basis of his expert opinions. In the following he reports about his experiences.

Copyright by umweltzeichen.

A pioneer in sustainable cleaning: the Tyrolean company hollu Systemhygiene GmbH

At a workshop in early October 2021, the company presented its sustainable and innovative activities on holistic cleaning and hygiene systems for commercial users.

World of beers. Copyright by

Information event on reusable containers RL26 at Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg

On 28 September 2022, an information event on the circular economy took place at the Schloss Eggenberg brewery (EMAS company). Reusable containers are an important contribution to a modern circular economy, which keeps valuable resources in circulation. The Ministry of Climate Protection invited to an information event at the brewery Schloss Eggenberg with special regard to the Austrian Ecolabel for reusable containers.

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