Pernauer. Copyright by Pernauer.

Pernauer - Combining resource conservation and cleaning performance

Pernauer produces many of the bigood products sold by a large Austrian drugstore chain. But other household cleaners or detergents are also produced by Pernauer and carry the Austrian Ecolabel.

Cleaning agents are not immediately associated with sustainability or environmental friendliness - and yet the targeted use of such cleaning agents is inseparably linked with the Austrian Ecolabel. Many manufacturers of cleaning agents and household cleaners, chemical companies in other words, are also concerned about the impact of their products on fauna, flora and, not least, on the people in their immediate and distant surroundings.

Pernauer and bigood

One of them is Pernauer Chemiewerke GmbH in Wels, which was only founded in 2012. When the GmbH was founded, it was already decided to focus on the development, production and distribution of environmentally friendly cleaners and detergents. One step at a time was taken. As many consumers as possible should and should be reached, who should like to use Pernauer products and thus use them more often.

Precise steps

The question arises as to what manufacturers can do to make detergents and cleaning agents as environmentally friendly as possible. In short, it is about environmental protection, resource conservation and performance. It is about saving packaging (especially plastic), protecting soil and water - especially groundwater -, providing reliable performance (so that no overdosing or even throwing away is done) as well as taking critical raw materials out of production in consultation with wastewater treatment plant operators. Pernauer said in a press release: "Our waste water is measured (since the company was founded in 2012), tested and only released into the sewage system if it is harmless. We have completely removed products that are harmful to the environment, such as fabric softeners, from our product portfolios." The first 100% recyclate bottles were already introduced at Pernauer in 2014.

Recycling as an important topic

The topic of recycling accompanies the company to this day. What many people do not know: Refill bags save a lot of plastic, but in the past they were difficult or impossible to recycle. That is why Pernauer introduced what it claims is the first unprinted refill bag for detergent in 2023. The materials of the cardboard loop bag (made of PE/PP monomer material and waste paper) are now one hundred percent recyclable, says Pernauer. A lot of attention has also been paid to reducing the weight and thus the amount of plastic: since 2012, the weight of the bottles has been reduced by almost half by concentrating the formulas for detergents.

Less plastic - compacting and refill bags from 2014 - 2023. Copyright by Pernauer.

Less plastic - compacting and refill bags from 2014 - 2023. Copyright by Pernauer.

Microplastic and palm oil free

There is also awareness of ingredients that are problematic for other reasons: since 2019, all detergents and cleaners have been microplastic-free. Palm oil surfactants were already removed from all certified products in 2016. So it's worth paying attention to logos and certificates like the Austrian Ecolabel.