ECC Cleaning & Care GmbH

Kreuzberger Ring 7a
65205 Wiesbaden
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1319

About us

We are a committed company of the Werner und Mertz Group based in Rhine-Hesse. At our production sites located in both Germany and Austria, we produce products primarily for European drugstores, supermarkets and discounters and develop concepts for branded consumer goods companies. All our articles are produced subject to the strict regulations in diverse tested quality standards.


We take our responsibility for the users of our products very seriously and carefully select the raw materials that go into our production.Over the years this awareness of resource conservation has increasingly spread in Production and other areas. Systematic environmental management ensures transparency and leads to success.

We monitor quality with IFS HPC, energy use with our DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS-compliant Environmental Management Systems in Mainz and in Hallein (Austria). The data show us where we have made progress and where we have to do more in resource conservation.

Tandil Eco Badreiniger

Enthält pflanzlich basierte Tenside. Wirkt leistungsstark gegen
Kalk- und Schmutz. Flasche zu 100% aus R-PET Recyclat

EAN: 4099200038346

Tandil Eco Glasreiniger

Enthält pflanzlichbasierte Tenside. Sorgt für streifenfreien Glanz
auf allen Glasflächen. Flasche zu 100% aus R-PET Recyclat

EAN: 4099200038353

Tandil Eco Küchenreiniger

Enthält pflanzlich-basierte Tenside. Wirkt leistungsstark gegen
Fettablagerungen und hartnäckige Verschmutzungen. Flasche zu 100% aus R-PET Recyclat.

ist identisch zu dem Produkt "Green Action" Orangenblüte für Aldi-Deutschland. Vertragsnummer DE/020/375

EAN: 4099200038377

Tandil ECO Scheuermilch
  • Contains plant-based surfactants from European cultivation
  • Is skin & material-giving with natural polishing agents
  • Bottle is made of 100% PE-Recyclate

EAN: 4061461426644