RINGANA Campus A 1
8295 St. Johann i. d. H.
Styria, Austria
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1162

Pure ingredients. Real efficacy.

For over 25 years, RINGANA has been producing highly effective fresh skin care and food supplements using natural ingredients. Sustainable, vegan, free of harmful substances, and with no animal testing – now considered modern, all of these qualities have been enshrined in RINGANAs corporate philosophy from the very start.


RINGANA sets great store by using highly potent, antioxidant substances from nature, and avoiding the use of synthetic preservatives and any synthetic additives. So one could say that RINGANA is in fact even enhancing natural skin care. All RINGANA products are devised by a research team, the complex formulations are manufactured at the headquarters in St. Johann in der Haide and the finished products are shipped directly from there to the customers.


Our sustainability programme – RINGANA RE*THINK –  covers all areas relating to climate protection. We give it life by constantly questioning existing solutions – with the aim of going in even more eco-friendly directions. Our energy requirement is covered entirely by green electricity, more than half of which is generated by our own photovoltaic plant. Heat pumps obtain renewable energy from the ground. Electric cars and e-bikes are available for work trips. And at our employee canteen, we serve only vegan and vegetarian food.


There is no alternative to nature.


Sanfte Reinigung von Kopf bis Fuß.
Handgeschöpft, handgeschnitten, handgestempelt und händisch ins Handtuch verpackt - diese Seife ist pure Handarbeit! Sie reinigt besonders mild und schonend und ist auch für empfindliche Haut bestens geeignet. Dank natürlicher Pflanzenextrakte und hochwertiger Pflegeöle eignet sie sich auch für die häufige Anwendung perfekt. Die Haut wird nachhaltig gepflegt. Die rein biologische Rezeptur ist vollgepackt mit wertvollen Ölen wie Mandelöl, Schwarzkümmelöl, verseiftem Kokosöl und verseiftem Olivenöl. Bei Gebrauch bildet sich ein besonders pflegender Seifenschaum mit herrlich zartem Duft.


Microbiome-friendly body wash

Just a small amount of FRESH body wash foamed up with enough water will clean the skin gently and thoroughly. The balanced formulation moisturises and refreshes. The NBC7 it contains strengthens the skin barrier and helps to balance and soothe the skin.


Microbiome-friendly hair care

Gentle yet thorough cleansing for your hair. Carefully chosen ingredients provide suppleness and also leave your hair feeling pleasantly light. The slightly gel-like formulation also means economical and eco-friendly dosage.

RINGANA FRESH soap liquid

Microbiome-friendly liquid soap


This liquid soap with skin-friendly pH-value cleanses gently yet thoroughly, without drying out the skin. It restores lipids and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly well-cared for. Seven prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients in NBC7 strengthen the skin barrier and reduce the effects of harmful environmental influences. NBC7 helps to keep the skin microbiome in balance.