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The Professional Division of Werner & Mertz was established in 1971 and is the pioneer in integrally sustainable high performing, cleaning and sanitizing products for professional sectors like Facility Care, Foodservice, Health Care, Lodging and Food Processing .

Sustainability is not seen as a temporary trend but rather is tradition that the company lives every day. Right from the very beginning, the protection of natural resources, sustainability and preservation of biodiversity have always been our focus.

ENERGY easytabs

ENERGY easytabs combines 4 relevant effective performance characteristics in 1 tab. With new water soluble micro-plastic-free and fully bio-degradable foil for less waste and more convenience.

Detergent: Removes stains and grease and makes your dishes CLEAN.

Rinse aid: Accelerates drying time, prevents lime scale deposits, and makes dishes SPARKLE.

Regeneration: Prevents the formation of white veil, for BRIGHT dishes.

Protection: Protects your dishes, for a longer LIFESPAN.

Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the product is phosphate free and fragrance free. The product prevents scaling of the heating elements. Majorly composed of renewable resources, ENERGY easytabs takes on the responsibility for future generations.