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High-grade chemical-technical products in optimum quality

PRAMOL-CHEMIE AG has been marketing its products in the large-scale consumer market for over 30 years and has been particularly successful in recent years. Customers include building cleaners, workshops, industry, supermarkets, canteen kitchens, public and private institutions, hospitals, old people's home, caterers, hotels, pubs and distributers.

Professional users need products that are impressive in terms of:

  • Cleaning and maintenance results
  • Method of application
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Economy (cost in use)
  • All products are subject to on-going improvement on the basis of information received from users

In our development laboratory we ensure that products perform as required. We optimise products by conducting application tests performed in-house and on site with selected customers. Our raw materials and the quantities used are selected according to environmental criteria.
As a high percentage of goods are exported, prices must be held at levels consistent with the market. Feedback from customers using the products in practical application is also very important to us. It means we can rapidly adapt our products to new materials and methods.

Pramol ECO econom

Concentrated neutral cleaner. Can be used wherever water is used for cleaning. Removes dirt and grease with ease. Low suds. Also suitable for daily hand washing.

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Sanikel ECO-neutrokel