Graben Hotel

Dorotheergasse 3
1010 Wien
Vienna, Austria
Logo Graben Hotel
  • UZ-License1361
  • accessible
  • non smoking
  • restaurant
  • suitable for people with allergy
  • WIFI
  • WIFI in rooms
Price Category
  • over 60
Additional Offers
  • child-friendly
Business Location
  • distance to bus220 m
  • distance to train110 m

Our company - Kremslehner Hotels GmbH - consists of four hotels that are now in their fourth generation being run as family hotels. The Graben Hotel is located right in the center of Vienna in a quiet side street of the Graben, in the middle of the quiet antiques district and has been owned by the Kremslehner family since 1927. In addition to our goal of offering our guests the best possible service and being economically successful in the long term, we also do not want to lose sight of environmental considerations and have been pursuing corresponding goals for sustainable development, longevity and securing jobs for years. As a family business, we feel particularly committed to the next generation and therefore we stand for the correct, careful and economical use of resources such as food, energy, etc. Austria in particular stands internationally as a tourism destination for a clean environment and healthy nature. Maintaining this also secures our company for the future and subsequently also secures many jobs. We stand for tradition and family and very much hope that our future, which is already growing in the fifth generation, will develop the same joy for the hotel industry in order to continue the company in a long-term and environmentally conscious manner!

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