Robinson Club Schlanitzen Alm

Sonnleitn 2
9620 Hermagor
Carinthia, Austria
Robinson Club Schlanitzen Alm Logo
  • UZ-License580
  • garden outside
  • seminar
  • WIFI
Price Category
  • over 60
Additional Offers
  • child-friendly
Business Location
  • distance to town center12 km
  • distance to train20 km

The ROBINSON Club Schlanitzen Alm is a 4-star hotel with 420 beds and 120 employees.
The ROBINSON Club Schlanitzen Alm is a business with high standards in the club-specific areas of entertainment, family, WellFit and sport, but also in the classic hotel areas.
In the Food & Beverage sector, the club has a Marché restaurant with 380 seats and a speciality restaurant with 40 seats. Additionally we have a main bar and a discotheque.

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