The Austrian Eco-label for Schools and Teacher Training Colleges (UZ 301)

The Austrian Eco-label encourages 

  • Protection of environment & climate 
  • Health care 
  • Quality of education 
  • Education for Sustainable Development
The "Cool in die Schul" Initiative at the middle school Gmünd. Copyright by Mittelschule Gmünd.

Cool to school

Ecolabel licensee Bacher Reisen motivates pupils in Carinthia to travel to school in an environmentally friendly way.

Climate ambassadors at TNMS Lembach. Copyright by TNMS Lembach.

Ecolabel students taking actions for climate protection

Pupils at the Ecolabel secondary schools in Lembach and Purbach are committed to regional and international climate protection.

Trace your food. Copyright by HLW Bad Ischl.

HLW Bad Ischl - the energy-saving school

The HLW Bad Ischl offers students the school-autonomous specialisation "Sustainability Management". Saving energy - especially how this can be done - is a very important topic in this committed school!

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