ONE Funds AG

Austraße 14
9495 Triesen
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1399

ONE Funds AG is a fully licensed fund management company in Liechtenstein with a history of more than 10 years. Our clear focus is the structuring and administration

of regulated investment vehicles according to the European AIF and UCITS framework on behalf of wealthy and professional investors. Alternative assets are our strength. This includes US life settlements, real estate, private equity and debt participations, precious metals/stones and more traditional listed assets. The management and structuring of wealth is our daily business.

Pallas Capital High Yield R.E. SICAV - Capital

ISIN: LI0491734385

The fund "Pallas Capital High Yield R.E. SICAV" is an alternative investment fund under Liechtenstein law which invests its assets in mezzanine financing for selected real estate projects. The financing (usually secured by real estate or guarantees, etc.) is mainly in the form of corporate bonds or promissory note loans, taking into account the ESG compliance of the issuer, the location, the anchor tenant and the property itself.

After the economic/financial evaluation, ESG criteria are included in the survey, evaluation and selection process for the investment decision. The fund obtains written confirmation of compliance with these criteria from the issuer and the precise evaluation of the measures is verified in the course of external due diligence.

The fund has implemented processes that are useful for the collection, evaluation and selection of suitable investments. For example, a committee of various stakeholders consults annually on the evaluation criteria to be applied. Recommendations and exclusions are made in an investment committee. In addition, building certifications are included in the evaluation process and provide bonus points for property selection.

The aim is to identify sustainable investment opportunities that offer an attractive risk-return ratio as well as environmental and social qualities.

Pallas Capital High Yield R.E. SICAV - Commitments

ISIN: LI0491734344