La Francaise Asset Management GmbH

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La Francaise Lux Global Sustainable Real Estate Securities

ISIN: LU1586242064 (R USD), LU1586242148 (R EUR), LU1586242221 (R USD), LU1586242494 (R EUR), LU1586242577 (I USD), LU1586242650 (I EUR), LU1586242734 (I USD), LU1586242817 (I EUR), LU1586242908 (S EU

The strategy is focused on investments in real estate securities with above average ESG rating and above average risk adjusted expected return. The ESG analysis is focused on exclusion of names with below average focus on CO2 emissions, water and material waste treatment, companies that would have little social engagement and insufficient governance. The portfolio is globally diversified and invested in a range of real estate sectors. The product offers daily liquidity and regular dividend payments.