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Schroders is a global asset management company. We focus on what we do best: managing wealth. We pursue the same goal as our customers – “creating long-term added value”.

Convertibles are pioneers in sustainability issues for Schroders. We are the first sustainable fund at Schroders that bears the Austrian Ecolabel – incidentally also the first with the FNG seal and one of the first with the Belgian “Towards Sustainability” label. Sustainability has taken on new importance these days. The financial industry is of course reacting and many investment products are suddenly “sustainable”. We are very critical of this greenwashing. For the critical investor, objective tests are becoming increasingly important. The Austrian Ecolabel is not only awarded for implementing a few exclusions, but via a structured, integrated sustainability process. All investors in our fund benefit from the award and the associated intensification of the process, not only those in Austria.

Schroder International Selection Fund Global Sustainable Convertible Bond

ISIN: LU1910163515, LU2022035237, LU1910163606, LU1910163788, LU1910163861, LU1910945739, LU2049716256

Our Schroder International Selection Fund Global Sustainable Convertible Bond is a global convertible bond fund based on strict sustainability criteria. Investors can thus combine the advantages of convertible bonds with a special ESG impact. The sustainable convertible bond approach is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability at Schroders and, in addition to the Austrian Umweltzeichen, has also been awarded the sustainability labels from Germany (FNG) and Belgium (Febelfin). The successful sustainability accreditation is based on a very strict selection process and the best in class approach based on our own ESG data. We thus ensure that our fund always invests in above-average successful ESG companies.