Fisch Asset Management AG

Bellerive 241
8034 Zürich
  • UZ-LicenseUW 1033

Fisch Asset Management was founded in 1994 in Zurich by Kurt Fisch and Dr. med. Pius Fisch as an independent asset management boutique. Our philosophy is based on a long-term, independent corporate philosophy. This basic orientation relates to our company structure, products and customer relationships. In all of our asset management products, quality thinking and longer-term considerations, risky revenue optimization take precedence.

Further information:

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FISCH CB Sustainable AC (CHF, Retail)-LU0428953342
FISCH CB Sustainable AD (USD, Retail)-LU0445341935
FISCH CB Sustainable AE (EUR, Retail)-LU0428953425
FISCH CB Sustainable BC (CHF, Institutionell)-LU01130246314
FISCH CB Sustainable BD (USD, Institutionell)-LU01130246405
FISCH CB Sustainable BE (EUR, Institutionell)-LU01130246231
FISCH CB Sustainable BE2 (EUR, Institutionell)-LU1253562653
FISCH CB Sustainable MC (CHF, Institutionell)-LU1099412550