Kulturzentrum Leibnitz

Kaspar-Harb-Gasse 4
8430 Leibnitz
Styria, Austria
  • UZ-License1126
  • accessible
  • bicycle
  • equipment for seminars
  • non smoking
  • seminar
  • technical equipment for seminars
  • WIFI
Business Location
  • distance to bus100 m
  • distance to hotel350 m
  • distance to town center300 m
  • distance to train750 m

The City of Leibnitz is committed to ecological sustainability in its urban development.

Leibnitz cultural center as a green location show our commitment to environmental and climate protection. The Leibnitz Cultural Center, currently the most important event location in the city, wants to send a special signal that all employees, associations and external visitors pay attention to environmental protection. We maintain a process of continuous environmental improvements by planning and implementing environmental measures as part of a constructive exchange with one another.

As part of an agreement, our partners are encouraged to consider resource and material conservation, energy efficiency, waste avoidance and correct waste separation when planning, organizing and holding their events. The partners are actively informed about the possibilities of certification of their events as "Green Events".

We support our organizers with information folder including waste separation sheet, provision of specific waste separation containers, instruction at the assembly point, environmentally friendly travel, regional catering and a supporting management team on site.

The events in our premises should have a special framework that enables reliable and first-class, environmentally friendly events.

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