Kunsthaus Weiz

Rathausgasse 3
8160 Weiz
Styria, Austria
  • UZ-License1353
  • accessible
  • bicycle
  • certified catering
  • equipment for seminars
  • non smoking
  • suitable for people with allergy
  • technical equipment for seminars
  • WIFI
Business Location
  • distance to bus300 m
  • distance to hotel100 m
  • distance to restaurant5 m
  • distance to town center50 m
  • distance to train300 m

The Kunsthaus Weiz is integrated as a transparent glass body in the historical old town of Weiz. When designing the program of the cultural events our intentions are cosmopolitanism, a seccessful cooperation, the enablement of enjoying culture in the region and awaking cultural interests. At Kunsthaus Weiz regional artists have a stage as well as international artists according events and visual arts in the same way. This is how we can create unforgettable performances and cultural experiences also with stars like John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Candy Dulfer or Bob Geldof.

From spring to autumn we offer an exhibition program in our city gallery with focus on contemporary arts. Topics such as environmental sustainability and ethics economics are very important to us and can be found in our programm, our balance sheet for the common good, our solidarity price and the environmental label.

Our current event program and details about Kunsthaus Weiz and our venues: www.kunsthaus.weiz.at