Vienna International Centre – M Building

Wagramerstraße 5
1400 Wien
Vienna, Austria
  • UZ-License1094
  • accessible
  • bicycle
  • certified catering
  • garden outside
  • non smoking
  • quiet area
  • restaurant
  • seminar
  • WIFI
  • fair trade products available / fair trade partner
Business Location
  • distance to bus100 m
  • distance to hotel200 m
  • distance to town center5 km
  • distance to train25 m

With the construction of the new Conference Building M in 2008, which is available for the sole use of the UN organizations in Vienna, the Republic of Austria and the City of Vienna have made a significant contribution to the development of the Viennese Meetings and Conference Sector taking into account the massive increase in demand for conference facilities.

As part of the Vienna International Centre, the Conference Building M, designed by Atelier Albert Wimmer, is a new independent landmark of the Danube City. With its appearance it reacts to the formal architecture of the VIC and presents a contemporary interpretation of the dialogue with the surroundings.

In July 2019, the Building M was awarded with the Austrian Eco Label, which is a certified ISO Type I, label. It is the first ever UN Building worldwide that has been awarded an Eco Label and it is now a certified Green Conference Center.

M Building AußenansichtM Building AußenansichtM Building FoyerM Building KonferenzsaalM Building Konferenzsaal