Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH

Paulustorgasse 11-13a
8010 Graz
Styria, Austria
  • UZ-License1180
  • accessible
  • bicycle
  • garden outside
  • non smoking
  • seminar
  • WIFI
Business Location
  • distance to bus120 m
  • distance to hotel290 m
  • distance to town center500 m
  • distance to train2,10 km

A new exhibition, a museum cafe, a renovated events room, plus green zones waiting to be discovered – since April 2021, from the start of SHOWING STYRIA, and following just one year’s closure, the Folk Life Museum has showcased itself as a new cultural venue for the city, pursuing a major goal with its unusual and multifaceted range of spaces on offer: a vibrant and socially relevant location. ‚How it is. Worlds – Changes – Perspectives‘ is the title of the new semi-permanent exhibition in the Folk Life Museum, which was opened as part of the SHOWING STYRIA and will continue beyond this. The exhibition is divided into four main modules: ‘The colour of Styria’, ‘We’re fine!’, ‘My world, your world and how do we converge?’ and ‘What will be?’. Each module functions like an exhibition within the exhibition, can be visited independently of the other and will be continuously altered in the next few years.


Not only the exhibition shapes the new beginning for the Folk Life Museum, the group of buildings itself has been renovated, too, according to the stipulations of the Monument Protection law, with individual parts of the site now more closely connected with one another. Underlying all the measures is the goal of establishing in Paulustorgasse a vibrant and socially relevant venue, one that is an important hub for many people due to its conveying of knowledge, its discourse and varied cultural offerings. For this reason a café has also been set up; part of the exhibition, it invites visitors to linger a while in the museum and guests’ garden.

Universalmuseum JoanneumUniversalmuseum JoanneumUniversalmuseum Joanneum