Mann mit Putzmitteln beim Reinigen

Household & Cleaning

Environmentally friendly products in the household are for the most part detergents. Ecological cleaners are biodegradable, have a high cleaning performance and less packaging material. Reusable instead of disposable packaging, which consume raw materials, increase the waste mountain and thereby burden the environment. That's why the Austrian Ecolabel promotes returnable packaging and reusable systems as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Fragrances and aromatic oils for well-being

For many people, fragrances and aromas awaken joy for the Christmas season and are feel-good factors for a contented attitude to life within one's own four walls. However, it should be borne in mind that fragrances can also have negative effects on human health.

Refill Station. Copyright by umdasch.

Refill instead of repurchase

Recycling plastics is good, but preventing waste in the first place is even better. The Liquid Dispenser 3.0 from umdasch has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel and is a technically mature system for refilling liquids that for the first time also enables large retail chains to offer an efficient refilling service for reusable packaging. Thanks to the integrated technology, the Liquid Dispenser allows for easy operation.

myCoffeeCup Rückgabeautomat CUP SOLUTIONS

Coffee to go in circles- Viennese waltz for coffee cups!

The Austrian Ecolabel pioneer CUP SOLUTIONS has launched the myCoffeeCup pilot project in Vienna, which offers a convenient and quick alternative to environmentally harmful throwing away.

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