Europäisches Ecolabel

How to apply for the EU Ecolabel in Austria

In this article you find general information on the application for the EU Ecolabel in Austria.    

You find general information on EU Ecolabel product groups, criteria and additional documents of the EU Commission here: Product Groups and Criteria - Ecolabel - EUROPA

When to apply in Austria

Competent Bodies (CBs) of the EU member states are responsible for assessing, awarding, and managing EU Ecolabel applications and licences on the national level. We are your Competent Body in two cases:
Case One:

Your product or service is made or located in Austria.
Case Two:
Your product or service is made or located outside
the European Economic Area and is marketed or will be placed on the market in Austria.
(In all other cases please apply at a different competent body. You find here the contact data of all of the CBs: Competent Bodies - Ecolabel - EUROPA)

Product groups

EU Ecolabel for Tourist Accomodation: If you are interested in the EU Ecolabel for Tourist Accomodation, please contact Otto Fichtl ( or +43 1 58877-235 or an agreed consultant.

For products: Application process in Austria in short (Download)

  • You commission a testing institute to prepare a report to affirm that the products comply with the criteria. Agreed testing institutes for some product groups are found here. Cleaning Services, Detergents and Cosmetics, Furniture, Lubricants, Mattresses, Paper-Groups, Textile Products. If you plan to commission a different testing institute please inform us previously; for other product groups please contact us to get recommendation on testing institutes if needed.
  • We - as Austrian Competent Body - check the report and provided all of the criteria are fulfilled, we communicate the Federal Ministry of Environment that the products may be awarded with the EU Ecolabel. Afterwards you’ll get the certificate and contract from the Federal Ministry for Environment as well as the invoice.
  • The contractuary validity corresponds to the validity of the regarding product group criteria.

Costs are two-part

Product presentation

Your products will be presented at


The award ceremony and other marketing activities may be agreed with Ministry of the Environment. General +43 1 71 100 61 – 1656 Email: Info_Umweltzeichen@bmk.gv.a

Further Information in German

Der Weg zum Umweltzeichen