Zimmer mit Holzmöbeln

Building & Living

Fabulous living - wooden furniture, which are awarded the Austrian Ecolabel, guarantee the lowest possible indoor air pollution, which creates an important condition for health and well-being in our living spaces. Especially for products that come into direct contact with the skin, it is important that they are health-friendly.


Mobile Fertigungsanlage des mineralischen Deämmstoffes AIRIUM

New insulating material with Ecolabel!

"AIRIUM - Insulation redefined". This slogan of the company AIRIUM GmbH in Vienna (www.airium.at) conveys well their philosophy: In the future of building environmentally friendly insulation materials will play a major role. With them energy can be saved, because they actively protect against overheating in summer and against cold in winter. The contribution of insulation materials to climate protection should therefore not be underestimated.

Podiumsdiskussion Messe Salzburg

Salzburg carpenters active for sustainability and climate protection

On the occasion of 30 years of the Austrian Ecolabel, a discussion event with Salzburg carpenters, the Umwelt Service Salzburg and an Ecolabel consultant took place at the Messe Bauen und Wohnen 2020 in Salzburg.

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