Zimmer mit Holzmöbeln

Building & Living

Fabulous living - wooden furniture, which are awarded the Austrian Ecolabel, guarantee the lowest possible indoor air pollution, which creates an important condition for health and well-being in our living spaces. Especially for products that come into direct contact with the skin, it is important that they are health-friendly.

Room with wooden floor. Copyright by Scheucher.

A strong Ecolabel for Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH

The Austrian company Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH has held the EU Ecolabel for wooden floors since March 2023. This makes the company the first parquet manufacturer in Europe to be authorised to use this cross-border Ecolabel. It guarantees the environmental friendliness, durability and high quality of the labelled products. Read more about this here.

Sports hall from the inside. Copyright by Thomas Belazzi.

Ecolabelled building products guarantee added value

It is not only particularly important for school buildings that tested ("healthy") building materials are used in their construction and interior design. Building products with the Austrian Ecolabel guarantee health and well-being. Dr Thomas Belazzi pays particular attention to both. He is a recognised expert in ecological building and managing director of bauXund forschung und beratung gmbh in Vienna (www.bauxund.at).

Skyscrapers under construction with construction cranes. Copyright by C Dustin on Unsplash.

Federal building criteria apply the Austrian Ecolabel

In Austria, the federal government spends almost 1.3 billion euros a year on building construction projects. The money flows into the refurbishment, new construction, repair and maintenance of schools, hospitals, prisons and other public buildings. The construction-relevant guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel play an important role here!

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