Walk 21 Vienna 2015 - stepping ahead

Event-Nummer: kTCwu1DIvn
Ort: Wiener Rathaus, Volkshalle Arkadenhof
Startseite: http://walk21vienna.com/basic-information/

The City of Vienna is proud to host the Walk21 conference from 20 to 23 October 2015. The motto “stepping ahead” promotes activities and innovations towards the future of our resilient cities and healthy living environments. Together with experts from around the globe we will share insights and expertise on how to step ahead and become a walkable city. The Walk21 Conference brings together experts from the fields of walking promotion, research, policy, planning and delivery. It is an opportunity to learn from international experience and to showcase local challenges and solutions. The conference will be attended by more than 700 delegates from all continents.

The four main conference themes are: Walking towards new public spaces. Walking towards resilient cities. Walking towards safety and health. Walking together. More information on the program of Walk21 Vienna.

  • 20 Oktober 2015 - 23 Oktober 2015: 1010 Wien


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