Diversity of cosmetics - hormone free. Copyright by  Susanne Stark.

Cosmetics: Ecolabel products do not contain chemicals that act like hormones

The EU Ecolabel for cosmetic products, which will be valid from autumn, offers good protection for people and the environment from questionable ingredients. The Austrian Ecolabel has contained these strict requirements for a long time and has successfully demanded them for the EU Ecolabel.

An Ecolabel for the entire EU

All EU member states, including Austria, participated in the development of criteria for the EU Ecolabel - the European Ecolabel that is valid throughout Europe. In Austria, the VKI is the organization responsible for awarding the EU Ecolabel. We have adopted some of the Ecolabel requirements completely for the Austrian Ecolabel - for example, for cleaning products. For other product groups, however, Austria goes its own way, for example, if the compromises achieved are not strict enough for us. Then we set higher standards with the Austrian Ecolabel. This is how it has been with cosmetic products so far.

Setting a strong example together

This year, the regulations for the EU Ecolabel for cosmetic products were revised. In the process, we joined forces with others to ensure that stricter requirements were introduced. And with success: as of next year, potentially hormone-damaging chemicals will no longer be permitted in EU Ecolabel products. This has been the case for the Austrian Ecolabel from the very beginning. Strict concentration limits for allergenic substances, such as preservatives and fragrances, are also envisaged.

In the case of cosmetic products, the protection of children, sensitive groups of people and everyone else is a major concern for us, in addition to environmental protection. This is also because we are convinced that the legal requirements do not go far enough. For example, chemicals that are suspected of having a carcinogenic effect can normally also be used in cosmetics. This is not the case with products that have been awarded the EU Ecolabel or the Austrian Ecolabel.

Great attention has also been paid in recent years to reducing packaging and improving recyclability. Here, too, the EU Ecolabel and the Austrian Ecolabel set standards.

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