Welcome to the „Green World “ of the Austrian Ecolabel

„Plastic Planet“ – in every sphere we find plastic residues! Copyright by dottedhippo. Getty Images.

Microplastics is everywhere

Update: Release of environmentally harmful microplastics to be drastically reduced - Public consultation on the "Microplastics Action Plan" until 4 March 2022 Submit comments on the plan

Copyright by Kindergarten Graz Brucknerstraße.

Sustainable kindergartens: the Ecolabel works!

A survey on the Ecolabel guideline for kindergartens shows that the label has a favourable effect on kindergartens and their environment. The positive effects affect many areas and range from knowledge about sustainability to exciting activities on climate protection or healthy nutrition.

ERG Donaustadt - together we have achieved a lot!

At the Evangelisches Gymnasium Donaustadt in Vienna, the Sustainable Development Goals were worked on by students during a project week. Ideas from the project have since been incorporated into everyday school life.

Gleisdorf primary school - perceive, experience, respect

"The conscious experience and perception of the environment with all senses, as well as the mindful treatment of our environment is an educational goal of our school." An important statement on the homepage of the Gleisdorf Ecolabel primary school! This school was one of the first Austrian educational institutions to acquire the corresponding award and still holds it.

Pupils learning in the garden. Copyright by MS Wolfurt.

New school qualities with the Ecolabel

The Austrian Ecolabel for Schools celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! At the awarded schools, the environment is perceived, experienced and treated with care in a special way. Furthermore, the quality of the educational work and the promotion of health are the focus of the activities.

"Climate Plate". Copyright by Umweltzeichen.

Climate protection in the hotel kitchen

Together with Michaela Reitterer, President of the Austrian Hoteliers' Association, Climateaction Minister Leonore Gewessler presented the joint project "Klimateller" in the hotel kitchen at the Ecolabel Hotel Stadthalle.

Kindergarten exercise room with sun in the flooring. Copyright by True Photo by Oliver Erenyi.

linum & oleum

Both together make linoleum, a sustainable floor covering. The company Gerflor GmbH produces DLW Linoleum. The aesthetically pleasing floor coverings, which have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel, protect health and the climate.

"Criminal" in your own cellar

Go into your own basement and "search" for antiquated heaters there. Then consider how these "corpses" can be disposed of and exchanged for new, climate-friendly heating devices. A new initiative of the Ministry of the Environment calls for this. You can find "help" for tracking down the "climate killers" here.

Copyright by Barbara Dusek.

Travel to the snow

When we think of travelling in winter, our minds picture either ski slopes or sunny beaches in faraway destinations. Yet discovering winter and snow can be so much more and so much more environmentally friendly! Our Ecolabel tour operators make it easy for you!

Copyright by ÖkoFen.

Ecolabel company "ÖkoFEN" expands internationally and offers even more green jobs

The idea of climate protection has reached the centre of society and is motivating more and more people to do without fossil fuels. The demand for climate-friendly heating systems is therefore steadily increasing worldwide.

European Commission survey on the Product Environmental Footprint

The European Commission plans to make the calculation of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) mandatory and invites all companies to participate in a survey on this.

Colocation Rechenzentrum Wien

New Guideline: Green IT

The guideline for "Climate-friendly co-location data centers" was published in July 2021 following a decision in the Austrian Ecolabel Advisory Board based on the Blue Angel criteria.

The Living Ecolabel with the lettering added. Copyright by HLBLA St.Florian.

Living Ecolabel at the HLBLA St. Florian

The Höhere Landwirtschaftliche Bundeslehranstalt St. Florian has been an Ecolabel holder since 2006 and has thus long ago committed itself to environmentally compatible and sustainable action in a wide variety of areas.

Greater White-fronted Geese are so-called "winterers" in Austria. Copyright by Toivo Lagerweija. freeimages.

Animals in autumn and winter!

Many animals migrate in autumn (and spring) from their summer habitats to - mostly - more southern winter habitats. Others have adapted to the lower food supply in winter. Find out what all this has to do with the Austrian Ecolabel here.

The HLF sustainability team with project manager Ernst Sommer. Copyright by Ernst Sommer/HLF Krems.

Students make an important contribution to the creation of habitats

Despite the challenging last school year, the research and planning for two exciting projects was completed by Ecolabel Day on 5 June 2021. Now the implementations and completions followed, see more here!

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Sustainable financial products increasingly well known

Within three years, the awareness of sustainable financial products in Austria has increased significantly - including those that have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel UZ 49.

Copyright by Ryan McGuire auf pixabay.

I only let my skin have water and...

Our skin comes into contact with clothing and shoes for many hours and sometimes also with toys for longer periods of time. It is therefore particularly important that these products are harmless to health.

Copyright by Marcinjozwiak auf pixabay.

How chemicals harm the climate

The production of chemicals consumes energy and raw materials, causes huge amounts of CO2 emissions. And thus drives climate change! But let's take it one step at a time ...

World Ecolabel Day Logo

Seal of quality: credibility as a trump card against greenwashing

14 October is World Ecolabel Day - on this occasion we celebrate credible quality labels such as the Austrian or European Ecolabel. They also provide orientation and security in the fight against greenwashing.

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"Green Office" at Home Office

More and more people in Austria are also working from home. But what about the workplace in a private environment? How can a home office be designed so that the workplace is then also environmentally friendly, healthy and safe?

Universum Nature Heritage Austria. Copyright by ORF.

ORF Universum production produced green for the first time by Interspot Film: "Naturerbe Österreich - Die Nationalparks" (Natural Heritage Austria - The National Parks)

ORF sets a special sign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the National Parks Austria: the production company Interspot Film produced the nature documentary for the first time according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.

Take a deep breath

Indoor air is an important factor in our well-being and health, as we spend up to ninety percent of our time inside buildings.
What should we pay attention to for healthy indoor air?

Person vor Hecke

World Ecolabel Day

8 October is World Ecolabel Day - the international day for national Ecolabels. Independent, governmental Ecolabels are based on transparent criteria and sound third-party verification and are a credible barrier against greenwashing. What is your opinion? Support your colleagues by answering a short questionnaire.

A sea of blooms. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: The Ecolabel in practice - market control

Not only the strict, transparent criteria and the independently prepared expert opinion ensure that Ecolabel products also deliver what they promise. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) also tests products from all guidelines for correct use of the Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part IV - Ecolabel driving schools

While a driver's license allows us to use cars, it does not exclude so-called multimodal mobility, i.e. the use of multiple methods of getting around. The Austrian Ecolabel driving schools are thinking different ...

flowering meadow

Infothek biodiversity

What does biodiversity mean? What can everyone contribute to the protection of biodiversity? Every contribution is important!

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part III - sustainable travelling

The guideline UZ 72 "Travel Offers" is all about designing sustainable travel offers. It was known long before it came into force in 2008 that man-made climate change is a major problem. And that is also the core of the requirements.


The National Library. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part Two - sustainable education

The guideline for tourism and leisure enterprises contains specific requirements for museums. The first mandatory criterion is: "Integration of education for sustainable development into the educational work". What`s about?

A sea of blooms. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part One - biodiversity

In the guideline for tourism and leisure businesses, there is a requirement in criterion UZ 200-F05 to motivate businesses to contribute to the promotion of biodiversity.