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Fragrances and aromatic oils for well-being

For many people, fragrances and aromas awaken joy for the Christmas season and are feel-good factors for a contented attitude to life within one's own four walls. However, it should be borne in mind that fragrances can also have negative effects on human health.

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A place with a taste for all the senses: Weitblick Restaurant : Austrian Ecolabel and organic certified

One year after opening in October 2021, Das Weitblick - Lounge|Rooftop|Bistro is a showcase example of how Ecolabel and organic certification complement each other perfectly: after successfully passing the Austrian Ecolabel test for gastronomy in June, the restaurant, which is entirely dedicated to organic, regional and seasonal, has now also become an organic-certified Gold Partner of Bio-Austria.

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Good school meals for all

What sounds like a beautiful vision is the title of a new research project of the association ZUKUNFT ESSEN. Good school food can do so much: it tastes good to the children, protects the environment and the climate, is healthy and affordable for everyone.

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Climate protection in communal catering

Food and communal catering play a special role due to their broad impact and direct influence on the health and well-being of the people being catered for. Ambitious goals have also been set in the government programme, and concrete requirements can be found in the National Action Plan for Sustainable Public Procurement (naBe Action Plan).

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EU Project FORMARTE+: "Finale" in Santiago de Compostela

On its journey with the mobile classroom, the FORMARTE+ project passed through several cities along the Camino de Santiago. Finally, it reached Santiago de Compostela.

Salzburg Landestheater View to the stage. Copyright by Neumayr_Leopold.

Salzburg Landestheater first cultural centre with Austrian Ecolabel!

"When theatre confronts the questions of its time, it can create meaning across generations. Especially now," explains artistic director of the Salzburg Landestheater, Carl Philip von Maldeghe. The Salzburg Landestheater has faced up to the questions of its time - also with regard to sustainability.


Aided awareness of the Ecolabel is 58%, unchanged from the previous year (59%).

Bild vom Prototyp des Hauses

The vivihouse: A building philosophy put into practice!

What is "circular economy building"? For example, the Austrian vivihouse project! This is characterised by a modular timber frame construction system. Only renewable raw materials are used for multi-storey buildings.

Pressekonferenz zur Veröffentlichung des Bioökonomie Aktionsplan. Copyright by BMK/Cajetan Perwein.

The Bioeconomy Action Plan - Time for Implementation!

The concept of the bioeconomy encompasses on the one hand the sources of raw materials (agriculture, forestry, water management and waste) and on the other hand the use of these bio-based raw materials (food and feed, materials, energy). The aim is to create an economic cycle that reconciles technology and ecology.

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Felt and fibre in the office

The first waterproof felt pens were imported to Germany in the 1960s and neon-coloured highlighters were invented there in 1971. The market reacted enthusiastically to the new pens. Half a century later, a new generation is at work and a lot has changed in the products. The share of sustainably produced felt-tip pens and fibre-tip markers is growing, and the accompanying refills are sophisticated and convenient.

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Be mobile - environmentally friendly, of course!

Projects at the Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Vöcklabruck show how environmentally friendly mobility can work. Read here about the commitment of this Upper Austrian Ecolabel school in the field of ecologically responsible transport - which focuses on the good old bicycle.

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Mission "Build Consciously"

This is the mission Sto Österreich Ges.m.b.H. is on! Because the technology leader in the field of thermal insulation is pursuing a vision: to make built living spaces more humane and sustainable. One element of this is the StoTherm Wood composite thermal insulation system, which was certified with the Austrian Ecolabel in April 2022. Read more about it here!

Volksschule Leobersdorf. Copyright: Christian Husar, Vienna

Climate protection - made simple!

The primary school in Leobersdorf demonstrates how climate protection can succeed with "simple" organisational measures.

Refill Station. Copyright by umdasch.

Refill instead of repurchase

Recycling plastics is good, but preventing waste in the first place is even better. The Liquid Dispenser 3.0 from umdasch has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel and is a technically mature system for refilling liquids that for the first time also enables large retail chains to offer an efficient refilling service for reusable packaging. Thanks to the integrated technology, the Liquid Dispenser allows for easy operation.

First exhibition stand with an Ecolabel

Producer of exhibition stands "Schiff fair Success" from Vienna was successful in constructing the first environmentally friendly exhibition stand following the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel UZ75.

Washing a dog. Copyright by Aleksandr Takolov (pixabay)

Ecolabel for animal care products

When caring for animals, products that are as environmentally friendly and healthy as possible should also be used. The new Ecolabel helps with their selection.

World Record Picture. Copyright by Andreas Hafenscher.

Largest exhibition of insect hotels - world record broken in Burgenland

517 Burgenland schoolchildren came together in Lackenbach Castle Park. With 539 self-made insect hotels, they jointly took the world record for "Largest exhibition of insect hotels".

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Sustainable body care - plastic-free, organic and vegan?

Sustainable cosmetics are not that easy to find or you have to make them yourself in a complicated way. Both are stereotypes that you come across again and again. Podcaster and trainer Elena Beringer has done some research for us.

Children with pumpkins. Copyright VS Rotenturm.

VS Rotenturm: P for pumpkin

At the Rotenturm an der Pinka elementary school, everything revolved around a large, mostly yellow or orange fruit: The pumpkin! In a project, the students learned about the path from the pumpkin plant to the bottling of pumpkin seed oil.

Pupils studying in the garden. Copyright by Silvia Pointner.

Every day for future

Through the new, forward-looking training focus "Fair Business & Food Management", the environmental idea will be conveyed to young people at HLTW Berheidengasse from the school year 2022/23.

Volksschule Leobersdorf. Copyright: Christian Husar, Vienna

Climate protection - made simple!

The primary school in Leobersdorf demonstrates how climate protection can succeed with "simple" organisational measures.

Salzburger Landestheater Bühne von hinten

In focus: Guidelines in concrete terms - cultural institutions

Originally conceived as a certification for hotels, the UZ 200 guideline has also opened up to culture in recent years. After museums, other actors are also interested in credibly demonstrating their efforts in the field of sustainability. Theatres and cinemas are particularly committed to this and so in the future it will also be possible for them to receive an award for their sustainable orientation.

Scan and win - with the Scan4Chem app

What applies to Ecolabel products should actually apply to all: to contain as few harmful substances as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. With the help of the Scan4Chem app, you can get information on chemicals of particular concern in products.
A competition will be held from May to December 2022. 

Electric cars in the driving school

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. They are environmentally friendly, efficient and have lower running costs for a driving school. They also have advantages when learning to drive and therefore it is only logical to use them in driving schools. In a video, Mr Skarabela explains to you exactly why.

People at the Bregenz Festival Theatre

Vorarlberg all in green

"Sustainability is booming - especially in the last two years, because there was time to think about other ways of doing business," says Julia Weger, who advises on Ecolabel processes in Vorarlberg, among other places. "Many have used this difficult time for sustainable change and development. Now we face the challenge of maintaining this drive after Corona," says Weger.

The bioeconomy is thriving, like the grasses in the picture. Copyright by klsa12. freeimages.

Ecolabel - Bioeconomy - Circularity

Bioeconomy stands for an economic concept that aims to replace fossil resources with renewable raw materials in as many areas and applications as possible. This makes it, along with the circular economy, an important building block on the path to climate neutrality.

Presentation of the Circular Economy Package. Copyright by EU Christophe Licoppe.

EU Commission: Circular economy as a goal

In March 2022, the EU Commission presented the new circular economy package: It is a turning point for sustainable products and textiles as well as for the strengthening of consumers' rights.

Circular Economy. Copyright by Stanislaw Pytel via Getty Images.

The Austrian Circular Economy Strategy - where do we stand?

The sharp increase in the use and consumption of resources in recent decades is causing considerable environmental pollution. Climate protection therefore requires a fundamental transformation: from a linear "take-make-use-waste" economy to a circular economy.


Sustainable financial products under the spotlight

What contribution does the Austrian Ecolabel make to tackling the climate crisis - and to what extent did Ecolabel-certified equity funds differ from conventional equity funds in terms of carbon footprint? This question was investigated in a recent study by the VKI.

Glasses with the salt of knowledge. Copyright by Private Höhere Lehranstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung Graz-Eggenberg.

Good news instead of fake news

It is important to inform and sensitise young people about the dangers posed by the World Wide Web. Schools also have a role to play here. Promoting the digital skills of students is therefore also particularly important to the Private Secondary School for Agriculture and Nutrition in the Styrian capital.

"Green Office" at Home Office

More and more people in Austria are also working from home. But what about the workplace in a private environment? How can a home office be designed so that the workplace is then also environmentally friendly, healthy and safe?

Person vor Hecke

World Ecolabel Day

8 October is World Ecolabel Day - the international day for national Ecolabels. Independent, governmental Ecolabels are based on transparent criteria and sound third-party verification and are a credible barrier against greenwashing. What is your opinion? Support your colleagues by answering a short questionnaire.

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In focus: The Ecolabel in practice - market control

Not only the strict, transparent criteria and the independently prepared expert opinion ensure that Ecolabel products also deliver what they promise. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) also tests products from all guidelines for correct use of the Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part IV - Ecolabel driving schools

While a driver's license allows us to use cars, it does not exclude so-called multimodal mobility, i.e. the use of multiple methods of getting around. The Austrian Ecolabel driving schools are thinking different ...

flowering meadow

Infothek biodiversity

What does biodiversity mean? What can everyone contribute to the protection of biodiversity? Every contribution is important!

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part III - sustainable travelling

The guideline UZ 72 "Travel Offers" is all about designing sustainable travel offers. It was known long before it came into force in 2008 that man-made climate change is a major problem. And that is also the core of the requirements.


The National Library. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part Two - sustainable education

The guideline for tourism and leisure enterprises contains specific requirements for museums. The first mandatory criterion is: "Integration of education for sustainable development into the educational work". What`s about?

A sea of blooms. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part One - biodiversity

In the guideline for tourism and leisure businesses, there is a requirement in criterion UZ 200-F05 to motivate businesses to contribute to the promotion of biodiversity.