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World Ecolabel Day

8 October is World Ecolabel Day - the international day for national Ecolabels. Independent, governmental Ecolabels are based on transparent criteria and sound third-party verification and are a credible barrier against greenwashing. What is your opinion? Support your colleagues by answering a short questionnaire.

World Ecolabel Day Logo

World Ecolabel Day- Environmental Attitudes of Consumers

October 14, 2021 is World Ecolabel Day - this is the international day of governmental Ecolabels. We take the opportunity and look at the latest survey on consumers´ attitudes towards Ecolabels!

Music. Copyright by William Tadros/BMK.

Active environmental protection in schools awarded

At school, you learn for life - which is why it is all the more important to impart knowledge and action for environmental and climate protection in the classroom and to integrate it into everyday school life.

Umweltmanagementpreis 2021. Copyright by William Tadros BMK.

Award for sustainable business

The 2021 Environmental Management Award of the Ministry of Climate Protection goes to two Vienna Ecolabel hotels:
Boutiquehotel Stadthalle and
Hotel Wilhelmshof
in the category "Best measure - environmental and climate protection".

Congratulations to the eco pioneers!

Universum Nature Heritage Austria. Copyright by ORF.

ORF Universum production produced green for the first time by Interspot Film: "Naturerbe Österreich - Die Nationalparks" (Natural Heritage Austria - The National Parks)

ORF sets a special sign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the National Parks Austria: the production company Interspot Film produced the nature documentary for the first time according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.

Take a deep breath

Indoor air is an important factor in our well-being and health, as we spend up to ninety percent of our time inside buildings.
What should we pay attention to for healthy indoor air?

„Plastic Planet“ – in every sphere we find plastic residues!  Copyright gilderm. freeimages.

Microplastics is everywhere

Numerous analyses around the globe detect microplastics in water, soil and air, but also in food, cosmetics and cleaning products. Let's talk about microplastics!

Copyright by Sacre coeur Pressbaum_Cornelia Kühhas

From the Guidelines Workshop: Kindergartens with Ecolabel

Kindergartens are elementary educational institutions. Children can be enthusiastic about the environment and nature, as the Ecolabel team knows from the committed educators at the award-winning kindergartens

Copyright by Christopher Fuchs.

Climate-friendly booklets

If you're smart, you write in booklets that bear the Austrian Ecolabel. And buy and read books that also bear the government seal of approval designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This guarantees that the production of these printed products is environmentally friendly. And therefore the printed papers can also be recycled.

Ecolabel Award Ceremony at the European Forum Alpbach. Copyright by efa21 - Elisabeth Mandl.

Congress Centrum Alpbach and tourism businesses receive awards at the Forum Alpbach

Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler awarded the Congress Centrum as well as 13 tourism businesses and the Österreichischer Alpenverein for its campsite Ferienwiese Weißbach in Lofer with the Ecolabel and congratulated the European Forum on the successful Green Meeting.

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Climate-friendly school shopping - tips in the video

Our world is changing, and so are our attitudes. From bright white paper to recycled notebooks, from disposable pens to refills, from short-lived plastic items to sustainable solutions.

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Climate protection in school shopping

The campaign UmweltTipp! runs until 30 September together with the partner companies in the paper trade. The Clever Shopping for Schools initiative offers the opportunity to quickly find environmentally friendly products. This gives everyone the opportunity to pay attention to climate protection when shopping at school. The best thing is to do it right away with your next purchase!

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World Ecolabel Day

8 October is World Ecolabel Day - the international day for national Ecolabels. Independent, governmental Ecolabels are based on transparent criteria and sound third-party verification and are a credible barrier against greenwashing. What is your opinion? Support your colleagues by answering a short questionnaire.

Increasing number of sustainable financial products UZ49.

200th financial product with Austrian Ecolabel

While it took fourteen years for the first hundred certified funds, the time had now come again after less than three years: the two hundredth financial product was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel. A brief analysis.

Copyright by Natalya Bond.

Disposable tableware: Harmful substances also in alternatives to plastic

A recent survey by consumer organizations from Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the VKI in Austria shows that alternatives to plastic tableware are not as harmless or even environmentally friendly as they are often portrayed: Of the 26 products available in Austria, 21 were contaminated with harmful substances.

A sea of blooms. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: The Ecolabel in practice - market control

Not only the strict, transparent criteria and the independently prepared expert opinion ensure that Ecolabel products also deliver what they promise. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) also tests products from all guidelines for correct use of the Austrian Ecolabel.

The Austrian Ecolabel for Sustainable Real Estate Funds - a review

The webinar started with an overview of Sustainable Real Estate Funds and focused in particular on the key characteristics of a sustainable property such as careful use of resources and land, reduction of emissions, best possible functionality and other features.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part IV - Ecolabel driving schools

While a driver's license allows us to use cars, it does not exclude so-called multimodal mobility, i.e. the use of multiple methods of getting around. The Austrian Ecolabel driving schools are thinking different ...

Klimaberg Katschberg.

Climate Protection and Tourism: Klimaberg Katschberg

When we think of climate protection in tourism, we usually think of long-distance plane journeys. However, the initiative of Klimaberg Katschberg proves that it can also be done in a completely different way and that tourism can make an active and positive contribution.

Climate ambassadors at TNMS Lembach. Copyright by TNMS Lembach.

Ecolabel students taking actions for climate protection

Pupils at the Ecolabel secondary schools in Lembach and Purbach are committed to regional and international climate protection.

Maehrwegsystem mycoffeecup

Reusable systems to achieve a circular economy

In addition to recycling, the European Green Deal focuses on waste prevention and changes in consumer behaviour. Reusable packaging is the most environmentally friendly solution. Here you can find out more about the positive activities with reusable systems in Austria.

The moor of Heidenreichstein at the Prügelsteg (Lower Austria). Copyright by Horst Dolak.

Protect natural cycles!

Peatlands are among the most endangered habitats in Europe. They are home to highly specialized animals and plants, are huge reservoirs of greenhouse gases and have an aesthetic as well as spiritual value!

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Circular economy in the office

Paper is good for the circular economy. It can be recycled far more frequently than was assumed for years. This is shown by a study conducted by the Technical University of Darmstadt. According to the study, paper fibers can be recycled almost indefinitely. This means that waste paper is an even more valuable raw material than assumed.

Filming gets "green". Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

Funding for green film productions

In order to make film production in Austria even greener, film funding institutions are also increasingly focusing on green filming and particularly support productions that have been produced according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.

Diversity of cosmetics - hormone free. Copyright by  Susanne Stark.

Cosmetics: Ecolabel products do not contain chemicals that act like hormones

The EU Ecolabel for cosmetic products, which will be valid from autumn, offers good protection for people and the environment from questionable ingredients. The Austrian Ecolabel has contained these strict requirements for a long time and has successfully demanded them for the EU Ecolabel.

flowering meadow

Infothek biodiversity

What does biodiversity mean? What can everyone contribute to the protection of biodiversity? Every contribution is important!

Demonstrate with school shopping! Parents and children pay attention to the environment and climate.

Learning about climate protection and paying attention to it when shopping at school. Nothing sounds more logical than that, and yet there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to school shopping.

Umweltzeichen Werkstatt

From the Guidelines Workshop: Tourism destinations with Ecolabel

What would you expect from a holiday region if you want to holiday sustainably? These and similar questions are currently being asked by our VKI experts together with some pilot destinations and external experts.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part III - sustainable travelling

The guideline UZ 72 "Travel Offers" is all about designing sustainable travel offers. It was known long before it came into force in 2008 that man-made climate change is a major problem. And that is also the core of the requirements.


The National Library. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part Two - sustainable education

The guideline for tourism and leisure enterprises contains specific requirements for museums. The first mandatory criterion is: "Integration of education for sustainable development into the educational work". What`s about?

A sea of blooms. Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

In focus: Guidelines in detail - Part One - biodiversity

In the guideline for tourism and leisure businesses, there is a requirement in criterion UZ 200-F05 to motivate businesses to contribute to the promotion of biodiversity.