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Global investments to decarbonise the economy

The French "Mandarine Gestion" is an independent and entrepreneurial French capital management company founded in 2008 and specialised in equity investments.

In addition, Mandarine has also been actively involved in financing projects in the areas of impact investing and social and solidarity economy (SSW) since its foundation.

"Mandarine Gestion" presented the "Mandarine Global Transition Fund", or rather its goals and most important principles, on 15 February 2023 in Vienna as part of a roadshow. The fund has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for sustainable financial products (UZ 49).

The fund focuses on companies in sectors that are committed to the principle of sustainability and act in a climate-friendly manner. These are not only carbon neutral industries per se, but also companies that make a positive contribution to climate change through their investments and business activities, or those whose products or services help their customers to reduce their carbon footprint. The selection criteria include the strict exclusion of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The selection of the invested companies is based on their "green share" according to the European taxonomy as well as ambitious and coherent targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris climate targets.

The focus of the fund is on harnessing the growth momentum of environmental and energy transition actors towards a decarbonised economy, with a deliberate global focus. Key fund management principles include broadly diversified business models, maturity and growth typologies, risk diversification by incorporating ESG criteria, further monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity impacts, and active and focused management of around 50 companies.

Accompanying ecological change

The fund's objective is to accompany environmental transition and climate change companies on their path to a decarbonised economy, while minimising their carbon footprint in order to stay on track towards the two-degree target set out in the Paris Agreement.

However, the fund's thematic focus on environmental and climate-related aspects is not an obstacle to a broadly diversified portfolio construction, in terms of different sectors (clean mobility, renewable energies, carbon neutral activities, recycling, circular economy, sustainable consumption, etc.), different levels of maturity and technologies or business models.

The fund's performance shows that ecological commitment and climate protection can indeed go hand in hand with excellent returns. This will be increasingly necessary in the future in order to channel funds worldwide in such a way that the ambitious climate goals can be achieved.