Washing a dog. Copyright by Aleksandr Takolov (pixabay)

Ecolabel for animal care products

When caring for animals, products that are as environmentally friendly and healthy as possible should also be used. The new Ecolabel helps with their selection.

Harmonised with the EU Ecolabel

The criteria of the EU Ecolabel are developed in a transparent and comprehensive process involving all member states, manufacturers and various stakeholders. Therefore, we have also participated in the discussions, taken a stand and voted. We adopt some EU Ecolabel guidelines 1:1 for Austria. This is the case if we agree with the compromise reached, which applies to the criteria for animal care products. This gives manufacturers or distributors the opportunity to obtain both ecolabels with the same effort and only slightly higher costs.

The Austrian Ecolabel and/or the EU Ecolabel can be awarded to those washable products that come into contact with animal hair in order to clean it or improve its condition, such as shampoos and conditioners for animals. Products that have a disinfectant or at least antibacterial effect cannot be labelled.

The criteria

The criteria are based on those for cosmetic products. They include requirements for the biodegradability of ingredients and bans and restrictions on various chemicals that harm the environment or health. In particular, strict criteria have been introduced for fragrances, preservatives and colourants. Furthermore, the sustainable extraction of palm oil is required if it is to be used as such or as a raw material for the chemicals used. Requirements for packaging - with the aim of minimisation, refillability and recyclability - as well as for the fitness for use of the products are also part of the criteria.

Practical information on obtaining the Ecolabel and/or EU Ecolabel