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Seit mehr als fünf Jahrzehnten steht die SATEL Film für hochwertige Fernsehunterhaltung und aufwendige Kinofilme. Um die Herstellung unserer Produktionen noch nachhaltiger zu gestalten, setzen wir auf eine Vielzahl an Maßnahmen des Umwelt-, Ressourcen- und Klimaschutzes, denen wir uns persönlich und als Produktionsunternehmen verpflichtet haben.

Der Metzger traut sich

Together with Servus TV and with Simon Schwarz in the leading role, the latest (8th) volume of the famous book series by Thomas Raab is being adapted as the first film in the new DER METZGER feature film series.

Michael Podogil is directing Peter Koller's screenplay, which is based closely on the novel, and translating Raab's rapidity, authentic characters, wit and fine social criticism into film. In doing so, he lays the foundation for a crime series that centers on an atypical investigator: A restorer who stumbles into cases more than anything else.

Die Toten von Salzburg - Süßes Gift

A flurry of photographers' flashlights and TV camera in Salzburg's Hotel Menuett. At a press conference, Bavarian Energy Minister Wittmann and Salzburg State Parliament President Zirner announce the energy turnaround: Biogas. Local entrepreneur Nussbaumer is to drive this forward with his new biogas plant. In the audience: Chief Inspector Mur, acting as undercover personal security for Wittmann, Hofrat Seywald, an old school friend of Nussbaumer, and his husband Rene. They are quickly called into action when Wittmann's chauffeur falls out of the limousine dead in front of everyone. Poisoned! 

Murder out of jealousy? Or was Energy Minister Wittmann the real target? Irene Russmeyer of the Salzburg Criminal Investigation Department and the Bavarian Chief Inspector Mur are not at all in agreement. The clues lead them to an explosive opponent of private energy supply, to the Salzburg Marionette Theater and to an Azerbaijani gas prince named Gorkinski. A dangerous political conspiracy, intermingled with explosive private motives, becomes increasingly clear and demands everything from our investigators.