Environmental Management Award. Copyright by BMK.

Top performance with the Austrian Ecolabel

Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler was also able to present this year's Environmental Management Award to three companies that are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel and scored with their outstanding achievements: Druckerei Janetschek from Heidenreichstein in the Waldviertel, BKS Bank from Klagenfurt and Henriette Stadthotel Vienna.

Once again, the result of the Environmental Management Award shows that companies bearing the Austrian Ecolabel have a great chance of being honoured with an award for outstanding achievements in the field of environmental and climate protection. Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler is impressed by the commitment: "With the Environmental Management Award, we are honouring companies that demonstrate what environmentally and climate-friendly business can look like. With their commitment to greater environmental and climate protection, they are making an important contribution to a good, climate-friendly future. I warmly congratulate the award winners."

The companies that are now certified with the Austrian Ecolabel reflect a variety of industries, which is also reflected in the awarding of the Environmental Management Award in the areas of sustainable financial products, printing and the hotel industry. The Austrian winners were honoured in the following categories: "Best Environmental Statement" category, "Best Strategy for Sustainable Corporate Development" category and "Best Environmental and Climate Protection Measure" category.

Janetschek print shop with exemplary target documentation

The "Best Environmental Statement" was delivered by the Janetschek printing company based in the Waldviertel. The reasons for this choice include various components: On the one hand, the environmental aspects are presented in an understandable way and organised according to priorities. On the other hand, the objectives are documented in detail and presented transparently using key figures. The key figures show that the EMAS environmental management system is effective. The environmental statement is attractively designed and the sustainability strategy is credible.

Outstanding performance of BKS Bank AG

BKS Bank was convincing in the category "Best strategy for sustainable corporate development". The very good structure of the strategy in combination with the bank's impressive performance and high credibility through certification with the Austrian Ecolabel convinced the jury in its assessment. In addition, the bank offers an ecological design of its product portfolio and is in intensive dialogue with its stakeholders. The ongoing preparations for the implementation of the CSR Directive also represent a major step towards greater sustainability.

Emission avoidance at the Henriette Stadthotel Vienna

The award for the category "Best environmental and climate protection measure" goes to the Henriette Stadthotel Vienna. By switching to natural fibres for the bedding and introducing micro-dry steam cleaning, the hotel is ensuring that the emission of microplastics and chemicals into the water is avoided and cleaning chemicals are saved. With around 22,000 room cleanings per year and the corresponding cleaning of the linen sets, a significant reduction in environmental impact can be achieved.