Festspielhaus Bregenz

Green Meetings in Bregenz

The managing director of the Festspielhaus Bregenz, a pioneer in the field of sustainable events, explains in an interview with Theresia Dirtl his reasons for obtaining an eco-label certification for Green Meetings.

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Congresses, meetings, conferences - many people travel to other regions or cities on a regular basis. The events enrich the working life professionally and socially, however, occupy large amounts of resources and cause additional emissions. Here, the Austrian eco-label for "Green Meetings" brings new standards into play.

It promotes the preservation of livelihoods and pays attention to the well-being of the participants and staff. On May 19, six organizers of Environment Minister Niki Berlakovich received their award, including the Festspielhaus Bregenz.

Managing Director Mag. Gerhard Stübe talks about his motives:

Gerhard Stübe

You received the "Green Meetings" eco-label on the 19th May? Why is the award important to you?

Stübe: Because we have been dealing with this topic for some time now and the award represents an important confirmation of our chosen path.

What does the award mean for your workflow - what has changed?

Stübe: Even dealing with the topic of "environmental awareness" has brought with it some positive actions. Thus, alone through improved work processes in the technology since the development process was set in motion 124,000 kwh of electricity and gas could be saved.

How many events have you already organized according to the Ecolabel?

Stübe: Since we have only been certifying ourselves since last year and the lead times of conferences and congresses are very long, we have been able to certify two conferences so far. However, the demand for the certifications for upcoming congresses is there anyway.

How do the participants react?

Stübe: Above all, two sub-areas are clearly perceptible for the participants. On the one hand mobility, such as the integration of public transport in the congress ticket, on the other hand, the gastronomic area, where really almost exclusively local products are used.

What do you see as the biggest challenges?

Stübe: Certainly in the communication, both in the company itself and in the direction of customers. We are on the right way. The goal is always in sight.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities?

Stübe: In that, that the certification generates a positive response and many companies join this action. To deal with the topic of "acting environmentally conscious" is not necessarily important to spend more money. Not all responsible persons in our industry see this yet, but you should!