Film Productions

With the Austrian Ecolabel a film production will be honored if it saves resources and sets climate-friendly measures. The focus is on transport, waste and catering.

Filming gets "green". Copyright by Austrian Ecolabel.

Funding for green film productions

In order to make film production in Austria even greener, film funding institutions are also increasingly focusing on green filming and particularly support productions that have been produced according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.

Universum Nature Heritage Austria. Copyright by ORF.

ORF Universum production produced green for the first time by Interspot Film: "Naturerbe Österreich - Die Nationalparks" (Natural Heritage Austria - The National Parks)

ORF sets a special sign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the National Parks Austria: the production company Interspot Film produced the nature documentary for the first time according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel.

ORF Salzburg Regional Studio. Copyright by ORF Salzburg.

ORF Salzburg produces green news

As a sign of more sustainability and climate protection in broadcasting, Austria's first daily news programme "Salzburg heute" is produced according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel - good news for the environment!

Filmstudio. Copyright by Foto von Brands&People auf Unsplash

Filming with responsibility: costumes and sustainability

The production of films and other audiovisual works for cinemas and television is associated with a high consumption of resources and therefore has a negative impact on our environment. In view of the climate crisis, the film industry is also called upon to act more sustainably. In recent years, this realisation has led to a growing movement within the industry.

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