Aufenthaltsraum im Hotel Streklhof

Hotels and private Accomodation

Accomodation in hotels with the Austrian Ecolabel means high environmental and service quality: food from regional suppliers as well as responsible use of water and energy. If you prefer small private accomodations or large business hotels or holiday resorts you will experience a sustainable and restful time and the environment will benefit. For your stay in an environmentally friendly hotel with the Austrian Ecolabel visit our GreenHotelspage.

The HLF sustainability team with project manager Ernst Sommer. Copyright by Ernst Sommer/HLF Krems.

Students make an important contribution to the creation of habitats

Despite the challenging last school year, the research and planning for two exciting projects was completed by Ecolabel Day on 5 June 2021. Now the implementations and completions followed, see more here!

Falkertsee Kärnten

Finding your luck in the mountains with an ecolabel

Every child in Austria knows Heidi and her happy life in the mountains! Blogger Elena Paschinger shares her experiences in "Heidi-Hotel” at lake Falkertsee in Carinthia with her newborn son.