POOL7 Catering

Radetzkystraße 31
1030 Wien
Vienna, Austria
  • UZ-License967
  • catering on site

POOL7 is more than a caterers

We are caterers and agricultural producers
We attach great importance to regional products and offer these from our own production. Our farmhouses in the Bucklige Welt have extensive pastures and woods – heavenly conditions for Aubrac cattle and Bigorre pigs. The animals are kept in the open all year round and fed only on lush grass and cereals from our own farms. You can taste it! Alongside homemade delicacies, we indulge our guests with regional specialities from the Bucklige Welt epicurean region.

Our products:
Aubrac and Highland beef
Bigorre and Mangalitza pork
Chicken eggs
Fruit spreads
Apple juice
Vegetables, fruits and herbes (cooperation with Arche Noah)

We are regional
Alongside homemade delicacies, we spoil our guests with regional specialities from the Bucklige Welt epicurean region. Find out more about our partners: http://www.gruenerkreis.at/sites/default/files/uploads/attachements/flyer_catering_gut_zu_wissen.pdf

We are fair
Our customers can be sure that we use exclusively fair-trade coffee and tea. We are fair-trade gastropartners for Vienna, Lower Austria and Styria.

We are trainers
Our aim is to open up perspectives in life again for young people in difficult situations. After long-term inpatient therapy it is important to find a way into an orderly working life again. One possibility for this is training for a hotel and catering diploma, in cooperation with the Bad Vöslau ITM (International College of Tourism & Management), the Lower Austria AMS and the Vienna SUD and Drug Coordination (SDW).
A double success. Since 2003 many satisfied customers have testified to the quality of the culinary services and praised our highly motivated team. Our quality and flexibility are as widely acknowledged as our social responsibility.

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